Electric Car Subsidy in Rajasthan

EV Policy in Rajasthan

  • If you are thinking of buying an electric vehicle, then the Rajasthan government has come out with FAME 2 subsidy, which is valid from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, due to which there will be some reduction in the prices of EV and in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Telangana. People are given direct subsidy on buying EV, people will get the benefit of subsidy on buying EV in Rajasthan too. EVs made by 31 March 2022 will get the benefit of subsidy.
  • Government is giving subsidy on EV, more subsidy is available in Gujarat than Rajasthan, subsidy was already started in Telangana, if the government increases this subsidy further then the sale of electric vehicles will start increasing every day but it is believed that gradually Sales of electric vehicles will increase, people who are interested in increasing petrol and diesel are preferring to buy electric vehicles, if the government increases the subsidy in the coming time, then electric vehicles will be seen in the markets.
  • In many countries, every electric vehicle is highly subsidized, that’s why people there are preferring to drive EV.
  • Rajasthan government will give subsidy on electric then wheeler and electric three wheeler, you will get subsidy on two wheeler and three wheeler according to KW / h of battery, you will get subsidy on E-2W in this way ₹ 5000, 4KW / h on battery of 2KW / h But you will get ₹ 7000, ₹ 9000 on 5KW / h and ₹ 10,000 for batteries above 5KW / h.
  • Electric three wheeler will get subsidy in this way ₹ 10,000 on 3KW / h battery, ₹ 15,000 on 4KW / h battery, ₹ 17,000 on 5KW / h battery and ₹ 20,000 on 5KW / h more battery.
  • To get the benefit of subsidy, you can buy electric scooter, electric bike, electric e-rickshaw, apart from the state government, the central government also gives subsidy on electric vehicles, the subsidy has been increased in many states, the benefit of subsidy is Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi , Telangana, Goa and other states can avail.
  • Subsidy will be given according to the KW / h of the battery, if you want to take advantage of the subsidy, then from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022, register an electric two wheeler or three wheeler.

Electric Car Subsidy in Rajasthan

  • Rajasthan Government has issued Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, Rajasthan Government has announced subsidy on Electric Two Wheeler and Three Wheeler Government is not yet giving subsidy on Electric Car Central Government is giving subsidy on Tesla car if your car If it comes in 15 lakhs, then the central government will give a subsidy of 1.50 lakhs and it will be expected that the central government will increase the subsidy of 1.50 lakhs to 3 lakhs but the Rajasthan government has not yet announced to give subsidy on electric car but now the electric car from the state side. But subsidy is not given.
  • In many countries, a very good subsidy has been given on electric cars, due to which the people there are buying electric cars, they are getting good benefits from the government, if everyone buys electric vehicles, then there will be a decline in the amount of increasing pollution.
  • By which people will get rid of diseases caused by pollution, if you are against the increasing pollution, then take advantage of subsidy and buy an electric vehicle and make the environment free from pollution.

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