HT Aero Flying Electric Car in 2024
  • If I ask you a question that at present you want to buy electric vehicle or want to buy fuel (petrol, diesel) vehicles, then you will say that we want to get rid of this increasing petrol and fuel.
  • So we want to buy electric vehicle. But let us tell you that at present, the sale of electric vehicles is increasing very fast, if you buy an electric vehicle, then it will be very good for you because it will not cost you much money. Such an electric car is going to fly in the air And she can even walk on the streets.

Ht Aero Flying Car

  • China’s Xpeng company is going to come up with such an electric car, which will not cause any traffic trouble if you run this supercar, the name of this supercar is Ht aero flying car which is going to be quite spectacular, on running it you will feel like you are driving a helicopter. This car is also going to be like that.
  • The car may hit the production line by early 2024. The Ht aero is going to look quite stylish. It looks like a sportscar. The company says that this car will be able to fly only after 35 minutes of full charge.
  • The Xpeng flying car has a foldable mechanism rotor, it has two blades, which also has two blades, it comes in its flying position and it starts rotating so that the car can fly. not much information has been revealed about it yet, although it is going to be an aerodynamic electric car in which traveling will also be very fun.
  • In the cabin of the Xpeng flying car, only two people will be seated, it is yet to be said but the company also says that it is being produced, it will be ready to fly, then it will be believed that Xpeng’s flying car has come in the markets.
  • Its prototype weight is being told by the company as 1235 pounds. Will have the ability to work both in the sky and on the ground.
  • The founder and president of Ht aero said that the next-generation model of his brand will feature a fully integrated flying vehicle and automobile which is designed for both high altitude air travel and road driving.
  • The company’s founder said that Ht aero is planning to launch new vehicles in 2024, although till now no official time and date has been given for its launch, let us tell you that the flying car will have an electrical vertical take-off And also known as landing vehicle and more recently there are several such automotive brands like Hyundai, Lilium which are working towards making such flying passenger vehicles.
  • Not much information has come out about it yet, we will post it as soon as the information comes.

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