Vega EVX Platform Electric Auto Rickshaw

Vega EVX platform Electric Auto Rickshaw?

  • Vega evx platform is an electric three wheeler auto rickshaw, you must have seen this auto rickshaw which runs on fuel or gas but it is an auto rickshaw that runs on electric Vega evx platform is going to be launched by 2022. Will be launched in many other countries.

Vega evx platforms Range ?

  • Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the Vega evx platform, which will charge the battery kept in the rickshaw, so that it will run, it will run for about 90-100 KM in a day, it is driven with the help of motor.

How is its design ?

  • Vega evx platform electric auto rickshaw is also known as EVX The front of the vega evx platform looks very good and its look is also going to be very cool. Auto rickshaw runs a lot, due to which pollution is increasing in the cities, due to which people have trouble breathing, if everyone starts running the vega evx platform, then the pollution will be reduced a lot.
  • vega evx platform electric auto rickshaw will be very good to drive and the battery in it gets charged with the help of solar roof mounted on it, its battery gets automatically charged from the solar roof so that it will be able to run for many Miles (KM).
  • This is the such electric. An auto rickshaw is about to be launched, which will have a solar roof instead of a roof, it can also be quite digital from inside, many features will be given in it, so that the occupant will not have much trouble in sitting.
  • Vega evx platform electric auto rickshaw is going to be launched in the Indian markets soon, it looks very attractive in appearance, its most attractive point is its solar roof, which makes it able to walk, inside it you can ride luggage or your own. Keeping the needy things can be carried, it will be quite right for those people who drive rickshaw in cities to earn money.

Vega EVX Platform Release Date ?

  • Vega evx platform electric auto rickshaw can be launched around 2022, more details will be known after its launch but it looks quite attractive in appearance.

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