Apple Electric Car

Apple Electric Car

  • Apple electric car will be very spectacular in appearance Apple company is called the king of mobile world, but Apple is also preparing to enter the world of electric vehicle apart from this, Apple’s mobiles are also very great, Apple wants to be like this. Have an electric car. Apple does not want to tell this secret but the news of Apple electric car has come long time ago. Apple electric car will be very attractive, if apple electric car comes in the markets then elon musk’s Tesla will make the biggest difference.
  • According to a new report by Reuters, the Apple electric car, internally known as Project Titan, will be equipped with a radical battery, technically equipped with a battery called Apple LFP or Lithium Iron Phosphate, according to a report. We are studying the chemistry for this, which will give very good speed and range to the apple car.
  • It is not yet revealed who will manufacture the Apple car, but the apple electric car is going to be tremendous but due to COVID-19, this Project Titan may be suspended till 2025.
  • Apple electric car will be full of technology, no driver will be needed to drive this car, you will be asked to add it and Apple electric car will take you, there will be no possibility of accident, it will be a luxury from inside. On sitting it will feel like you have entered the world of technology.
  • Apple has explored sourcing lidar sensors from external partners, for the technology of driving the electric car. According to a report, it has been learned that several LiDAR can be installed in the Apple electric car to scan different distances. and can develop new technology in it.
  • Very good technology will be developed in Apple electric car Apple has reached a long way in terms of mobile but now Apple is going to show its skills in electric car too Project Titan has been working on this apple car for a long time. It will be designed so that the person sitting in it will feel from another world, it will be luxury from inside and outside.

Apple Car Launch Date in India

  • Apple electric car will take time to come to the markets now, it may go into production by 2024 Apple has not given much information about its car yet. Apple will be ready to come to electric car markets after that its launch date will come out. It might not be right to say this now.

Apple Car Price In India 2024

  • Apple car will be full of a lot of technology, you know how high the price of Apple’s mobile is, but the mobile has the same quality, it can be estimated that the price of Apple electric car is also very high in India. Maybe but the technology in this car can also be very high, the address of the electric car price will be known after its launch.

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