Elon Musk Revealed New Tesla Electric Airplane

Elon Musk Revealed New Tesla Electric Airplane | how much does a new electric airplane cost | electric airplane company | electric airplane company 2022

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk is preparing to make an electric airplane Tesla wants that electric vehicles should run the most in all countries and there should be a decline in pollution Which will be run with battery power.
  • This electric airplane will help a lot in improving the environment.
  • It will not be right to say when the Tesla Electric Airplane will be ready, it is very important for the Tesla Electric Airplane to have more battery power because it is very necessary to have more battery power to fly for a long range.
  • Powerful batteries are more important for electric planes to run, Tesla said that the density of their Model 3 battery was 250 Wh/kg but Tesla also said that electric airplanes would need a battery of 400 Wh/kg density but The good thing is that Tesla has also solved the problem of the battery, they have installed solar panel plants to charge the battery, from which the battery can be fully charged. Elon musk has not yet told how long the electric airplane will be built. Will be ready
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Elon Musk New Project

  • Elon musk keeps doing some new projects, they bring new surprises. Elon musk is making tesla boat in his new project.
  • Tesla boat is a humanized robot, many companies have also made robots but this robot will be different. It will be a living robot with a logo, it will follow orders, it will weigh 125 pounds and will be 5’8″ tall.
  • Elon musk also said that it will not cause any harm, there will not be much intelligence in it so that anyone can be harmed but it will follow the order of the person, if the person says to close the door then Tesla boat will also close the door.
  • Tesla boat can run at a speed of 5 mills per hour, its speed will be more than man, man will also be able to do the work, Elon musk said that it will be able to do difficult work very well Tesla boat up to 45 pounds can lift the weight.

F. A. Q. (Frequently asked question)

Q. 1. When will the Tesla electric airplane be launched?

A. Can’t say anything about this yet.

Q. 2. At what speed will the Tesla electric airplane fly?

A. Information about this has not come yet.

Q. 3. How much battery power will be in Tesla electric airplane?

A. It has been reported that the Tesla Electric Airplane will require a 400 Wh/kg density battery.

Q. 4. Has Tesla solved the battery problem?

A. Yes Tesla has solved its problem.

Q. 5. What is the name of Elon Musk’s new project?

A. The name of the new project of Elon musk is Tesla Boat.

Q. 6. What is Tesla Boat?

A. Tesla bot is a humanized robot.

Q. 7. Will the Tesla bot obey the orders of the person?

A. Yes, Elon Musk has said that it will be capable of doing difficult and complex tasks.

Q. 8. What is the weight and height of Tesla boat?

A. Tesla Boat weighs 125 pounds and height is 5’8″.

Q. 9. How much weight can the Tesla boat lift?

A. The Tesla boat can lift up to 45 pounds.

Q. 10. At what speed can the Tesla boat run?

A. The speed of the Tesla boat will be 5 miles per hour.

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