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Best E-Bike Suspension Seat Post

  • Electric bikes are made up of many equipment, there are many types of electric bikes, which have different features, whose quality is also very good. Electric bikes have many such parts which make riding an ebike very easy. gives.
  • The suspension in the electric bike does not allow the shocks to occur, similarly today we are going to talk about the suspension in the seat post, which makes riding easier for the rider.
  • There are many types of suspension in the seat post of electric bike. Different types of seat post suspension are installed in different brands of electric bikes, which help a lot during riding.

Suspension Seat for Electric Bike

  • Many types of suspension seats for electric bikes are available in the markets, which do the same job but the price is different, some quality is good and some is low.

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost

Cane Creek Thudbuster LT Suspension Seatpost


Price199.99 $ USD
Diameter31.6 mm
Length420 mm
Max. Height320 mm
Min. Height146 mm
Weight750 grams
Offset5 mm
Travel90 mm

Sunlite Suspension Seatpost

Sunlite Suspension Seatpost


Price40 $ USD
Outer diameter27.2 mm
Setback20 mm
Length350 mm
Weight450 grams
  • It has an adjustable preload design, it has coil spring provides plush suspension, can also micro-adjust the seat clamp, apart from this there are many suspension seatposts available in the markets.

Comfort Suspension Seatpost

  • If you are going to travel a long distance by electric bike and the road you will walk on is very bad, then the seatpost on which you will sit and ride the electric bike does not have suspension in that seatpost, then your ride will be very painful.
  • To overcome this problem, companies have put suspension in the seatpost of their electric bike, so that the electric bike driver will not have trouble, he can travel a long distance from the electric bike, today we will tell the seatpost suspension to overcome this problem. Going :-

Redshift Shockstop Suspension Seatpost

Redshift Shockstop Suspension Seatpost
  • RedShift Shockstop Suspension Seatpost is installed on the electric bike, in this the RedShifts shock stop suspension is installed under the seat of the electric bike when seated on top of this seat, it is slightly lower towards the tail, which will not cause any problem when driving on the road.
  • One model of Redshift comes, it measures 350 mm in length and 27.2 mm in diameter, it can fit up to 31.8 mm, it has a system for adjustment and it has a spring to make it more robust, it makes the ride easier Is.

Redshift Shockstop Suspension Seatpost Price

*Its price is $2,99.99 USD.

Thudbuster Suspension Seatpost

  • Thudbuster Suspension Seatpost is also installed in the electric bike, so that the rider of the electric bike will not have trouble, it has a spring inside but it is different from redshift, both work the same but the way of working of both is different It is different, it is also down on the back side.
  • Thudbuster suspension seatpost has been around for 20 years. This seatpost comes in three sizes. The seatpost is said to be available in diameters ranging from 27.2 mm to 31.6 mm.

Thudbuster Suspension Seatpost Price

*This Seatpost costs $169.99 USD.

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