E-bike Conversion Kit in India
  • At present, the trend of electric vehicles is going on very much. In the coming time, all the people will have electric vehicles.
  • If we stop driving vehicles, then use electric vehicles instead, then our country and the world will be free from this pollution, along with this, electric vehicles are present in the markets, apart from electric bicycles in the markets, electric scooters, motorbikes, scooties, foldable scooters, Bus, three-wheeler and electric car are also present, along with these new electric vehicles are arriving in the markets Ola has launched two of its electric scooters in the market, whose sales are going very well, Ola has 1100 in two days.
  • Scooters worth crores have been sold Ola has sold 600 crores scooters in just one-day booking of Ola scooters also had more than 1 lakh bookings in 24 hours.

Ebike Conversion Kit in India

  • You can use a conversion kit to make a bicycle an electric bike, with this insect your ordinary bicycle will turn into an electric bike.
  • To make a simple bicycle an electric bike, a lot of equipment is needed, they also have a display, so that you will know the battery status, speed, riding modes.
  • It will also come with horn, cliché and brake, and apart from these, there will be battery, motor, battery comes in many variants, it can be bought according to the need, the motor is also present in many variants, you can buy the motor 250W, 350, 500, 750, 1000W The higher the capacity of the battery and the motor, the more expensive it will be, but the speed and range of the electric bike will also be higher, which will help you to travel long distances.
  • Head light controller v many other devices come, they make electric bike from ordinary bicycle, the cost of conversion kit is also based on the capacity of the equipment, ebike conversion kit is present in India, many variants of conversion kit are present, which also costs. is different.
  • The speed of an electric bike is at least 25km/h and the speed above this is above the capacity of the ebike, the speed of the ebike can be maximum 45 – 50km/h.
  • Conversion kit price is based on the equipment, kit is also available in 20,000 INR and is also available in markets for less than that, converting ordinary bicycle to electric bike will save your time ebike conversion can buy kit in India by conversion The insect can also be ordered online.

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