Komaki Electric Bike M5

komaki Electric Bike Review

  • At present, people are preferring to buy electric vehicles and companies are also launching their own electric vehicles in the EV markets, but it will be said that in the era of inflation, people are preferring electric vehicles because at the time of buying them. After that, the electric story does not cost much, petrol and diesel vehicles have to be repaired many times in a year, this does not happen in electric vehicles, if electric vehicles are fully run, then there is a significant reduction in pollution. Which will get rid of the diseases happening because people are having trouble breathing due to impurity in oxygen.
  • Companies are launching electric vehicles, electric bikes and petrol bikes, out of these two bikes, electric bikes are considered better, if you want to buy a luxurious, stylist electric bike, then you can check komaki electric bike m5 once, it is also stylist Electric bike, its design has been made very well, komaki is also launching in good electric bike markets, companies are also launching electric bikes, scooters, cars and buses in EV markets, companies are trying their best to make people at low prices. Electric vehicles can be sold so that people can drive electric vehicles. Komaki has also brought the m5 electric bike to the EV markets with an ex-showroom price of INR 1,00,000 in Delhi.

komaki Electric Bike M5

  • Komaki has brought its electric bike m5 to the EV markets, the company has installed the motor quality, battery well, its range speed is also average.

Komaki electric bike m5 design

  • Komaki m5 electric bike is well designed, its front design is also good, if told, its design has been made quite unique, its front and rear design and frame design is also unique, the company has told that it is suitable for most of the youth has been designed for.

Komaki m5 electric bike battery and motor

  • Komaki m5 electric bike battery is 72 V, 32 AH of lithium ion, this battery power is good because it is said that the power of lithium ion battery is good, the battery is not charged at home. Not taken out The electric bike has a BLDC hub motor which is waterproof.

Komaki m5 electric bike range

  • The range of Komaki m5 electric bike is around 100 KM, the company has told on its website that its maximum range is 100 KM and minimum range is 85 KM.

Komaki m5 Electric Bike Other Informations

  • The Komaki m5 motor bike has a display, in which the battery status, speed, range and riding mode can be detected, it has LED head light and tail light.
  • Komaki m5 motor bike has tubeless tyres, its wheel is made of alloy, this electric motor bike is fitted with disc brakes, these brakes have good grip, it consumes 1.7 units/charge.

Komaki Electric Bike M5 Price in India

  • Ex-showroom price of this electric bike in Delhi is around INR 1,00,000 Lakh. This electric bike is also present in Punjab, Gujarat, Tripura.

Komaki m5 electric bike specification


EbikeKomaki m5 electric bike
Price1,00,000 INR
Body typeElectric


Battery72 V, 32 AH Lithium-Ion
MotorBLDC Hub Motor Waterproof
Consumption1.7 units/charge


Max. Range100 KM
Min. Range85 KM


Wheel TypeAlloy


Turn single lampLED

F. A. Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Q. 1. What is the ex-showroom price of Komaki M5 electric bike?

A. The ex-showroom price of komaki electric bike m5 is INR 1,00,000 lakhs.

Q. 2. What is the power of the motor and battery of komaki electric bike m5?

A. Komaki electric bike m5 is powered by a 72 V, 32 AH Lithium-Ion battery and has a BLDC hub motor which is waterproof.

Q. 3. What is the range of Komaki electric bike m5?

A. Komaki electric bike m5 has a maximum range of 100 KM and a minimum range of 85 KM.

Q. 4. How are the tires of Komaki electric bike M5?

A. Komaki m5 electric bike tires are tubeless and its wheel is made of alloy, it has a disc brake and suspension.

Q. 5. What are the features of Komaki m5 electric bike?

A. Komaki m5 electric bike has a display and LED headlight, taillight and speedometer, trip meter.

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