Mahindra Atum electric car

Mahindra Atom EV Speed, Range & Launch Date

  • Mahindra is an Indian Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited Company. Whose founder is Chetan Maini. which manufactures electric vehicles. This company is located in Bangalore.
  • The company also manufactures and designs vehicles. Mahindra Electric manufactured the REVAi electric car. Of which 4,000 versions were sold in 26 countries by mid-March 2011. Electric Mobility Limited Company has manufactured Mahindra Atom electric car. Mahindra atom EV car is ready to enter the EV markets with a simple design and superior quality.
  • The performance of Mahindra Atom Electric Quadricycle is quite good. Its look has come in front of the people some time ago. Mahindra atom ev price is also going to be average.

How will be Mahindra Atom EV Electric Car?

  • The design of Mahindra atom ev car looks quite. The company has kept its color quite bright.
  • The design of the front and rear of the electric car gives the feel of simple car design. Its rear design is better than the front. And the wheel of its tire has also been well designed. Weight of Mahindra atom ev has been estimated at 475 Kg.
  • Mahindra atom ev car motor gets power from the 12 V Lithium Ion battery in it. Its battery is full charged in 4 – 5 hours. Whose energy capacity is 12 Kw / h. A 15 Kw motor is installed in the Mahindra atom.
  • The speed of Mahindra atom ev electric car is said to be 75 km/h. Mahindra atom ev range is up to 50 KM – 80 KM. Its confirmed information will be known only after its launch.
  • The company has said that the quality of all the tires of Mahindra atom ev car is better. Front tires size can be 165/45 R12, rear tires size can also be 165/45 R12. The tires can be tubeless radial 12″. Front and rear wheels are 12″. And it is said that its wheels are steel rims.
  • Drum brakes have been given in Mahindra atom EV front and rear. The Atom gets telescopic suspension at the front and spring type suspension at the rear. Mahindra atom ev has a length of 3600 mm, the length of the atom is slightly more than the length of the electric bike.
  • The width of the Atom is 1565 mm and the height is 1320 mm. The Atom has a ground clearance of 120 mm and a wheelbase of 2,250 mm.
  • Mahindra Atom EV gets circular automatic gearbox. With the help of which the gears are engaged digital. It has three modes Reverse, Neutral and Drive. There is an emergency button on its front, which you can use in case of emergency. AC facility is also provided in Mahindra atom ev car. There will also be a screen in which you can watch the video of your choice and You can also see the features.
  • Mahindra atom ev electric car has LED light at the front which uses very little light. It also has seat belts which take care of our safety. Four people can easily sit in Atom ev. You can also connect Mahindra atom ev to mobile. You can track its location. You can find out its speed and range in the mobile. And can detect battery charging. By connecting atom to mobile, you will come to know about other features. Bootspace has been given at the front of Mahindra Atom EV.

When will Mahindra Atom electric car be launched?

  • Mahindra Electric Company was preparing to launch its Atom electric car in 2021. But due to the Corona epidemic, its launch date was postponed. But the company can once again launch atom ev anytime in 2022.

Mahindra Atom EV Price in India

  • The Mahindra Atom EV will be offered in two variants, the base variant and the top variant. Mahindra Atom ev price has been given separately, in which the company has stated the price of base variant at INR 3.0 lakh and the price of top variant is INR 5.0 lakh.

Mahindra Atom Electric Specification

E-CarMahindra Atom Electric
Launch DateSometime in 2022
Price3.0 Lakh INR – 5.0 Lakh INR
Rider4 Seater ride
Kreb Weight475 Kg
Battery12V Lithium-Ion
Charging Time4-5 Hours
Energy Capacity12 KW/h
Motor15 kW
Speed75 km/h
Range50 KM – 80 KM
Tire Type12″ Radial Tubeless
Front Tire165/45 R12
Rear Tire165/45 R12
Front BrakeDrum
Rear BrakeDrum
Front suspensionTelescopic Suspension
Rear suspensionSpring type Suspension
Length3600 mm
Width1565 mm
Height1320 mm
Ground Clearance120 mm
Wheelbase2,250 mm
Circular Automatic Gear BoxYes
ModesReverse, Neutral, Drive
Emergency buttonYes
Mobile connectivityYes
Boot spaceYes

F. A. Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Q. What is the price of Mahindra Atom ev?

Ans. Mahindra Atom ev price ranges from INR 3.0 Lakh to INR 5.0 Lakh.

Q. When will Mahindra Atom electric be launched?

Ans. The company has said that Mahindra Atom ev electric can be launched anytime in 2022.

Q. How much is the battery and motor power of Mahindra atom ev electric?

Ans. Mahindra atom ev electric car battery is 12 V lithium ion battery and it is powered by 15 Kw motor.

Q. What is the speed and range of Mahindra atom ev electric car?

Ans. The speed of Mahindra atom ev electric car is 75 Km/h. Its range is said to be 50 to 80 KM.

Q. What is the ground clearance of Mahindra atom ev electric car?

Ans. Mahindra atom ev electric car has a ground clearance of 120 mm.

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