Tata Nano EV Specifications, Weight and Price
  • Nowadays, gradually the craze for electric vehicles is increasing, seeing that electric vehicles will start running completely in the world, many companies are also making their new electric vehicles, meanwhile, Tata has also launched its EV car.
  • Even before, he had launched his car nano in the markets, it did not have much dominance in the markets, although Tata’s vehicles have a very good identity, new EV vehicles are launching in the markets, gradually the market of electric vehicles is increasing.
  • In the coming time, the market of EV vehicles will grow very fast. Tata is also making its mark in the EV markets, this will be the nano EV car of Tata.
  • If there is more sales of electric vehicles in the coming time, then there will be a lot of reduction in pollution, which will be a very good thing for us, due to which the world will be free from pollution, so Tata has also brought its electric car.

Tata Nano Electric Conversion Kit

  • Tata is going to bring its nano electric car to the markets. Tata Nano EV is made of technology, the battery is 12 kW only and the maximum power is 54 bhp, it has a torque of 154 NM, as you know this is an electric car.
  • There will be multi-features, it also has a big screen, now it has been made by the company itself, its conversion kit is not special, although it can be changed with different similar.

Tata Nano EV

  • Tata Nano ev is a small electric car which is quite attractive in appearance, it can seat around 4 people, this car is good I have brought it, it will also be cheap in price and is going to do amazing in capacity too.
  • The Tata Nano EV will have a maximum power of 54 Bph and torque of 115 Nm, it has a battery of 12 Kw / h.
  • The speed of the Tata Nano EV is around 100 km/h and its range will be around 210 km, it can run 210 km after a single charge.
  • It has a ground clearance of 180 mm with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Tata Nano EV Weight

  • The weight of the Tata nano ev is 600 kg, this electric car is quite big, if it sells more in the markets, then it will be a good thing for Tata. Tata has designed it in such a way that it can bring the feel of a modern electric car. Medium people will also be able to buy, according to its size, its weight is also right.

Tata Nano EV Car Price

The price of Tata nano ev can be around 3,00,000 INR, if its price is less then every people will make a plan to buy it, if it is sold more then the pollution will be less if the environment is improving by coming in the electric vehicle markets. Similarly, if the sale of EV continues to increase, then the environment will be completely free from pollution.

Tata Nano EV Specifications

Brand nameTata
Model namenano
Fuel typeElectric
Seating capacity4
Ground clearance180 mm
Weight600 kg
Pricearound 3,00,000 INR
Battery12 Kw/h
Maximum power54 Bph
Torque115 NM
Speed100 km/h
Range210 KM
DisplayMulti function
Head lightYes
KeySmart key
HornSmart, yes

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