Rivot Motors NX100 Electric Scooter

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Rivot NX100

  • Technology has reached far ahead in the present world, many countries are ahead in the world of technology and at this time the market of electric vehicle is catching its peak, meanwhile many electric scooters, bikes, bicycles are being launched in the markets, Ola has also launched its own.
  • Two electric scooters have been launched and Simple energy One electric scooter has come in the market, meanwhile Rivot NX100 is also getting ready to be launched in the market, this electric scooter will give tough competition to Ola and Simple One electric scooters.
  • The NX100 rivot motors is likely to be launched in two variants.
  • The Rivot NX 100 electric scooter will be powered by a four-battery set of lithium-ion batteries. It takes 4 – 6 hours to full charge the battery. It consists of APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) system. If your battery gets discharged. Then the APU unit is used. Charging takes place in the APU unit. By which you can reach your destination and can charge the battery. The motor of Rivot NX100 is 4.2 kw motor. Whose torque is 150 Nm.
  • Rivot NX100 electric scooter gets projector head lamp, DRL LED light. There is a headlight in its front. Its front headlight will have a camera which will be something new in this electric scooter. And the pattern lock and unlock facility has been given in the touch screen display. The display includes many features like battery status, speedometer, tripmeter, odometer and riding mode.
  • Rivot nx 100 electric bike has a sensor on the side of the side stand. Tapping this opens Bootspace. It comes with LED lamp, USB charging unit and seat opening assistance. You can keep a helmet or other accessories in it.
  • The Rivot NX 100 gets disc brakes at the front and rear. Which come with Regenerative braking system. Regenerative braking system can charge up to 10% of the battery. Thereby, the Rivot NX 100 will offer an highly range of electric scooters.

Rivot NX100 Launch Date

  • The Rivot nx100 launch date, will be equipped with great features, its launch date has not been confirmed yet, but according to the report, it has been said that the expected launch date of NX100 is 2022.

Rivot motors NX100 top speed and range

  • It is said that the rivot motors NX100 electric scooter is going to give tough competition to Ola and Simple energy One electric scooter in terms of top speed and range. The top speed of the rivot NX100 electric bike will be 80-90 km/h and it will be launched in two variants. The range of the first variant is 150. The range of KM and other variants will be 280 KM.


  • Rivot nx100 price may start from INR 99,999 rivot motors NX 100 is going to be a great electric scooter.

Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter specification

Name Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter
Launch date (Expected) 2022
Price (Expected) 99,999 INR
Battery Portable Battery
Charging time 4-6 hours
Motor 4.2 KW mid-drive belt motor
Torque 150 NM
Speed 80-90 km/h
Range 150 KM, 280 KM
Headlight LED
Indicators Yes
Display Yes
Speedometer Yes
Tripmeter Yes
Battery status Yes
Mode 4 modes

Rivot nx100 Official Website

F. A. Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Q.1. What is the speed and range of Rivot NX 100 electric scooter?

A. The speed of the Rivot NX 100 electric scooter is 80 km/h – 90 km/h, the company has said that its range is 280 km.

Q.2. What is the price of Rivot NX 100 electric scooter?

A. The Rivot NX 100 electric scooter price expected INR 99,999.

Q.3. What is the motor and battery power of Rivot NX 100 electric scooter?

A. The motor of the Rivot NX 100 electric scooter is 4.2 Kw, whose torque is 150 Nm. The battery is 4 battery packs of Lithium-Ion.

Q.4. Does the Rivot NX 100 electric scooter have boot space?

A. The Rivot NX 100 has a boot space which is opened by the sensor mounted on the side of the side stand which houses the LED lamp.

Q.5. What are the features of Rivot NX 100 Electric Scooter?

A. The Rivot NX 100 electric scooter comes equipped with headlight, projector headlamp and DRL LED light as well as a camera. And the lock and unlock system has been given in the touchscreen display. Speedometer, battery status, trip meter, and other features have been given in the display.

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    Full helmet space in boot or in back above tail lamp
    These two are the major change needed

    Otherwise the best

    Must keep price as low as posible

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