SR8 Electric Bike Review
  • Friends, today we are going to talk about such an electric motorbike which looks funny, whose name is SR8 Electric Bike which is going to be very fun, it is also called off-roading electric bike, its design is very good, you can take it on a flat road. But you can drive it, but you can also drive it on a bumpy road, it is as funny in running as it looks.

SR8 Electric Bike

  • The funny thing about this electric bike is that you can drive it on any road, whether it is a bumpy road or a flat road.
  • SR8 Electric Bike also has three riding modes, which you can use according to your need, there is no off-road electric bike manufacturer in India other than SR8.
  • SR company has a cafe in Kolkata, where you can discuss the project of your own way by eating good food and they also have a workshop in the cafe, where you can go to the test drive of SR’s already made electric bike. You can also lift the craze of electric off-roader bikes to a few people and this company is made to demand those people, if you want to make electric bike of your own way, then this company is ready for you.
  • The SR8 motorbike is completely made in Kolkata, which is going to be very good. The company says that its top speed will be 70 km/h. Its battery will travel 50 km on a single charge.
  • Its motor is also going to be powerful, which will generate torque of 32 NM, its middrive motor generates power of 3 KW, its motor supports regenerate braking system, SR8 Electric Bike has 2 AH battery, its ground clearance is 200 mm, uses Panasonic’s cells in its battery.
  • It can also be driven on the off-roading way, not much information has come out about it yet, but it is certain that it is going to be quite spectacular, it is a high performance off road electric bike.

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