Toyota BZ4X Electric SUV Price in India
  • Companies in the world are engaged in making new electric cars, along with Toyota is also bringing its BZ4X electric car, this is a Japanese company that is now playing its role in electric vehicle manufacturing, company has unveiled it.
  • The sales of electric vehicles in India are increasing day by day with each company launching their own electric vehicles in the EV markets Toyota is also a big brand bz4X is going to be Toyota’s first electric car.
  • Tesla has brought its electric car in the market, along with it Toyota is also going to launch its first electric car bz4x in 2022, by the coming year 2050, petrol vehicles will end but it can be said that people electric Prefer to buy vehicles bz4x is going to be an environmentally car.


  • The design of bz4x electric car is going to be tremendous, its look seems quite premium It is believed that the design of Toyota cars is better Good car for the brand.
  • It has headlights and air ducts at the front and double stacked LED brake lights at the rear. If we talk about its overall design, the company says that its design is going to be much better.


  1. Toyota’s first bz4x electric car is going to be great, it is known that it is going to be electric bz4x will be charged with solar Its European premiere is going to happen on 2 December.
  2. The battery of electric vehicles is charged only after that they can be run, but Toyota has a solar roof on the roof of its bz4x electric car, which will charge the battery in it, but it can also be charged with electricity.
  3. If you are riding it and its battery is getting discharged then it will not be a problem because its battery will be charged with the help of the solar roof installed in it and you can run it continuously, it has a boot space of 452 liters. .
  4. Bz4x will be in two variants in which the first variant will be 204hp and 256 NM and the second variant will be in 218 hp and 336 NM which is 204 hp, the 256 NM electric car catches the speed of 0 – 100 km / h in 8.4 seconds and 218 hp, The 336 NM electric car accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds.
  5. Toyota bz4x will have a battery of 71.4 kwh, its battery capacity is very good, its battery is also charged with 150 kw charger, the charger charges 80% in 30 minutes.
  6. Toyota bz4x will have a speed of 150 km/h and its range will be close to 450 km. It will help to increase its range. Solar roof which can provide power up to a distance of about 1800 KM will help you to get battery discharge problem. We can estimate a range of up to 500 km in the Bz4x.
  7. The company says that it has a wing-shaped steering, so that it will not be a problem to drive and it will make your driving fun.
  8. The Toyota bz4x electric car comes with a 7″ digital driving display with a large touchscreen and buttons on the bottom row to access the extra functions of the digital display.
  9. According to the report, it has been reported that bz4x will be launched in 2022 but cannot confirm this, now its confirmed launch date will be known only after December 2.

Toyota BZ4X Price in India

  • Toyota has not revealed the price of the bz4x but can estimate its starting price of £35,000 but can’t confirm its confirmed price will be known before launch that time soon It’s about to come.

Toyota BZ4X Price in India

  • Talking about the price of Toyota bz4x in India, it is estimated that its price can be 35,83,142 INR.

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