Tvara 2.O Electric Bike

Tvara 2.O | Tvara Electric Cycle

  • Edm motors is preparing to launch its electric bike Edm had already launched its electric bike tvara in the markets Edm motors has made some changes in tvara, it has named it Tvara 2.O.
  • Tvara 2.O will come in three variants, whose The capacity of the battery will be different, after that its price will also be different, a lot of changes have been made in it, Tvara 2.O will be a better model than tvara, the speed and range of Tvara 2.O will also be with the variant model.

Tvara 2.O Design

  • The design of Tvara 2.O is very good, its design has been given much better than TVara, in TVara 2.O you will have three colors mustard yellow, sky blue, matte black, its color is also very good.


  • The frame of Tvara electric cycle is made of mild steel and size is 17″. Its total weight is 23 kg and load capacity is 160 kg.
  • The wheel size of Tvara electric cycle is 26″. Its seat is adjustable, you can adjust its seat in your own way. If you want to buy with 29″ wheel then you have to pay 2000 INR.
  • Tvara 2.O electric bike has 2.35″ wanda tyres, its rim is double wall aluminum, it has a front suspension of 100mm, it has a 7 speed tourney gear system.
  • In Tvara 2.O electric bicycle, you will get dual mechanical disc brake system with Bolid’s 160 mm auto battery cutoff system.
  • With Tvara 2.O, the company will provide back carrier, mobile holder, tool kit, wired lock, mud guard and free delivery, in which you will also have display, horn, head light, key.
  • Tvara 2.O has 36V, 250W BLDC rear hub motor, its motor is also quite right, its torque is 36 NM, the motor warranty is of 2 years.
  • There are three variants in the battery, which will be with 12AH, 15AH, 18AH, the battery has a warranty of 2 years, it has a controller sine wave controller, tvara 2.O has a 3″ LCD display to charge the 12 AH battery. There is a 3 Amp charger for 15 AH and 18 AH batteries are charged with a 5 Amp charger The battery charger comes with 6 months warranty. The battery can be charged in 3-4 hours.
  • The speed of Tvara 2.O is 25 km / h, if its speed is more than this, then a license will be required to run it, it has three modes Throttle mode, cruise mode, pedal + electric mode, tvara 2.O good speed in 3-4 seconds. takes hold.
  • The range of Tvara 2.O varies in all the three variants, giving a range of 35 – 40 KM on Throttle mode with 12 Ah battery and 50 – 60 KM on PAS mode 40 – on Throttle mode with 15 Ah battery – Gives a range of 50 KM and a range of 60 – 70 KM on PAS mode with 18 Ah battery gives a range of 70 – 80 KM on throttle mode and a range of 80 – 100 KM on PAS mode (on a flat road) and Gives 75 – 90 KM range (in traffic condition) with 18 Ah battery on PAS mode.

Tvara 2.O Price in India

  • Tvara 2.O comes with three battery variants which also have different prices. 12 Ah battery costs INR 37,000 with 15 Ah battery costs INR 42,000 and 18 Ah battery costs INR 48,000 It is done, you can book it for 4,000 INR and for more information you can contact on the number 9461197126.

Tvara 2.O electric bike specification

Brand nameEDM motors
Model nameTvara 2.O
Frame materialMild steel
Pas 5 Level pas
Display3″ LCD display
Mode3 Mode
Total weight23 kg
Load capacity 160 kg
Gear7 Speed Shimano tourney TZ
Battery12 Ah, 15 Ah, 18 Ah
Charger 3 Amp. (12 Ah Battery), 5 Amp. (15 Ah,18 Ah)
Charging time3-4 hours
Motor 36 V, 250 W
Speed 25 km/h
12 Ah Battery 35 – 40 KM (Throttle mode)
12 Ah Battery 50 – 60 KM (PAS mode)
15 Ah battery40 – 50 KM (throttle mode)
15 Ah Battery 60 – 70 KM (PAS mode)
18 Ah Battery 70 – 80 KM (throttle mode )
18 Ah Battery 80 – 100 KM (PAS mode)
Brake 160 mm bolid dual mechanical disc brake
Suspension100 mm front suspension
Tire2.35″ Wanda tire
RimDouble-wall Aluminum
First variant37,000 INR (12 Ah battery)
Second variant43,000 INR (15 Ah battery)
Third variant48,000 INR (18 Ah battery)

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