Tvara Electric Bike Full Review

Tvara electric Cycle

Tvara electric bike is called electric cycle only. Tvara electric cycle is an electric bicycle made in India which is very good. It is made in India by EDM Motors Company of Rajasthan. This electric cycle is a powerful cycle. Its design and its look are quite spectacular.

What are the features of Tvara Electric Bike

  • There are many great features in this electric bike which looks great.
  • It has horn, head light, digital display (LED screen), sumano gear system, horn switch, head light switch and many other great features which make this electric bike attractive.
  • This electric bike has lights on both the front and rear side. There is no multi speed gear system in it, so you cannot increase or decrease the level in it.

What are the features of Digital Display of Tvara Electric Bike

  1. Its digital display has many features like battery detects how much charge the battery is. It also has a tripo meter.
  2. The kilometer in the digital display is how much the electric bike has run. At what speed is it running.
  3. To turn on the head light, a separate button has been given in the handle on the right side, so that you can turn on the head light (front light) by pressing the button. And on the right side there is a switch to turn on the headlight.

How to Drive Tvara Electric Bike

  • You have to put the key to run it, after putting the key, you can run it with the accelerator. You can also operate it with pedals.
  • Which is very easy to drive, you can run this bike with motor as well as pedals, so that this electric bike will cover more distance.
  • By which you can go far. There is no problem in running it.
  • By running it, there is not much pressure on the body and you can run very easily.
  • If you are fond of fitness then this cycle is great for you.

What is the speed of Tvara electric bike

  • The speed of this electric bicycle is 25km/h. Its speed does not exceed this.

What is the tire size of Tvara Electric Bike

  • Its tire size is 26″×2.35″ and is made of wanda king. Their color is black.

What is its battery capacity

  1. Its battery comes with 36V, 7.5AH, 10AH, 15AH, 18AH.
  2. Its battery is fully charged in 3-4 hours.

Tvara Electric Bikes Save Time

  1. This electric bike provides a good driving speed. This electric bike is much better than diesel, petrol and gas powered vehicles.
  2. This cycle can save your time and you can reach your place on time. This cycle is very good for school going children.
  3. Your daily life requires some vehicle or the other. If you buy this electric bike then only happiness will come in your life.
  4. You can take this electric bike around in the morning and evening and keep your body fit and healthy.
  5. It can be good enough for you. Can help you get your essentials on time.

What age people can ride Tvara electric bike

  • There are many benefits of running this cycle, this electric bike can be run by old people too.
  • It has both accelerator and pedal. It takes energy to pedal.
  • This electric bike can make your journey great. Children can also operate it.

What is the capacity of its motor

  • Its motor is 250W,36V Its motor type is BLDC Hub.

Tvara Electric Bicycle Battery Charger

  1. Its charger 36V, 2Amp., 5Amp. Input 230V AC
  2. Its charger comes from the AH power of the battery. If the battery is of 7.5AH and 10AH then 2Amp. The charger will come.
  3. If the battery is of 15AH and 18AH then 5Amp. The charger will come.

What is the maximum range of Tvara electric bike

  • Its maximum range is 30 km if it is powered with 7.5AH battery, it will have a range of 30 km. If with pedal assist it will be 80-100 kms.

How to brake electric bike

  1. The brakes of the Tvara electric cycle are 160mm disc brakes which stop the electric bike very quickly.
  2. So that we do not have the risk of getting into an accident. By which we stay safe.

What is the cost of Tvara Electric Bicycle

Its price is fixed on the basis of AH capacity of its battery.

7.5AH 25999₹
10AH 28999₹
15AH 34999₹
18AH 40999₹

This Electric Bike Helps To Reduce Pollution

  1. Friends, our environment is slowly getting destroyed, the main reason for this is pollution.
  2. Electric bike should be selected to reduce air pollution.
  3. Air pollution is happening very much in New Delhi, due to which people have difficulty in breathing.
  4. Due to this, our lungs are completely bad, due to which we have to face many diseases.
  5. Our government has banned the sale of firecrackers, people drive diesel and petrol vehicles, which is increasing pollution.
  6. Would you like your life to end so soon? If you do not want this, then choose an electric bike and get rid of the diseases caused by air pollution.
  7. This cycle does not cause any kind of pollution, neither air pollution nor noise pollution and there is no need of PUC in it.

This electric bike is perfect for daily work.

  • Electric bike is very good for daily work, if you go to work somewhere and go to office then it is very good for you.
  • If you go to the market to get daily goods then you can take this electric bike.
  • If children go to school in the morning, then it is also right for them to keep their body fit by driving this electric bike.

Get rid of frequent fueling.

  1. There is no need to put fuel in the electric bike, as the name suggests it is an electric bike.
  2. The electric bike can be operated after charging the battery of this electric bike.
  3. If you want to get rid of fuel then you choose electric bike. Nowadays you know that petrol has become very expensive.
  4. In such a situation, it has become very expensive to run fuel-powered vehicles. If you want to avoid this expense, then bring an electric bike to your home today.

When its battery is discharged, it can reach the location by pedal.

  • This is the biggest advantage of this electric bike, if the battery of your electric bike is discharged, then you can reach your home or office by pedaling too.

What are the benefits of buying an electric bike

Keeps the body healthy and fit

  • According to the study of scientists, electric bike is very good physically and mentally.
  • If you ride an electric bike then it is very good because it keeps your body fit and healthy, cycling is like an exercise.
  • Riding an electric bike can be very beneficial for your body.

How does this electric bike reduce your expenses

  1. Friends, if you drive a vehicle running on diesel, petrol and gas, then they keep on spending a lot, but it is not like this in electric bikes at all.
  2. You can get it at a low price and there is no need to invest money again and again.
  3. This electric bike will save you money in the long run.

This electric bike is eco-friendly

  • Climate change and environment are serious issues. We can make our contribution to save this nature from extinction.
  • Electric bikes reduce pollution compared to diesel, petrol and gas powered cars.
  • You can contribute by using electric bikes instead of vehicles running on diesel, petrol and gas and save your nature from extinction.

Tvara Electric Bike Specification


Frame Material Mild Steel
Frame Size 17″
Kreb Weight 22 Kg
Load Capacity 120 Kg


Battery Lithium ion 7.5 AH, 10 AH
Charger 2 Amp. , 36 V input 230 V AC
Battery Lithium ion 15 AH, 18 AH
Charger 5 Amp. , 36 V input 230 V AC
Charging Time
3 – 4 Hours
250 W, 36 V BLDC rear hub motor


Speed 25 km/h
Range 30 KM
Pedal assist 80 – 100 KM


Tire 26×2.35″ Wanda king MTB black tire
Front Brake Disc, 160 mm rotor
Rear Brake Disc, 160 mm rotor
Brake Lever 3- finger alloy black
Suspension Front fork 80 mm suspension


Display LED display
Handle bar Steel and handle bar
Saddle Adjustable
Gear Single speed gear
Stand Side stand
Wheel Size 26″

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