Xiaomi EV Car

Xiaomi EV car

  • Nowadays the trend of electric vehicles is increasing slowly, gradually all the companies are preparing to make their own electric vehicles. But electric vehicles are already present in the market and right now the dominance of electric vehicles is slowly starting to increase, seeing the increasing prices of petrol and diesel, people are also preferring to buy electric vehicles.
  • Along with this, xiaomi has also started its own electric vehicle manufacturing company, the name of that company will be xiaomi EV company limited, Xiaomi’s CEO and founder Lei Jun said that they will now start making electric cars, that’s why they have set up their own team. It has been decided that xiaomi has given a capital amount of 11000 crores, xiaomi ev car was announced in March itself.
  • together with many companies will manufacture xiaomi ev car xiaomi has bought many such company which will help to make this car xiaomi plans to invest 10 billion yuan in this business.
  • Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has given a speech that he will himself lead this electric vehicle company and said that this decision has been taken after many visits and discussions of all our partners and he also said that this The project will be his last project and also said that “I am ready to put all my hard work, personal reputation at stake and fight for my electric vehicle and I will lead my team well to the task and encourage them to do well.” will increase” xaiomi’s lei jun is now preparing to bring its electric vehicle.
  • The work of this project of Xaiomi was going on for a long time, Lei Jun will have a team of about 500 experts for the xaiomo EV car project. Xiaomi has not yet disclosed its plans, what kind of vehicle will xiaomi manufacture Xiaomi will manufacture EV car in this project, apart from this Tesla has also launched its EV car in the market and Apple has also launched its electric car. Information has been given to make, now all the companies are engaged in making electric cars.
  • Xiaomi has not yet indicated what type of vehicle it will manufacture. The company aims to produce electric vehicles in China and other international markets. Like its smartphone, the market of electric vehicles is also going to increase. Xiaomi said that it is ready to invest 10 billion dollars i.e. 73,000 crores for a period of 10 years.

xiaomi car price in india

  • Xiaomi’s own company will be xiaomi ev company limited. According to Lei Jun, the company will start making electric vehicles, Xiaomi will manufacture electric cars in this project. But it is reported that the company will soon start manufacturing EV. The price of Xiaomi ev car cannot be estimated yet, when xiaomi ev car will come in the market then its price will be known.

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