Addmotor Motan 750w Review

Addmotor Motan 750w Review

  • In the time of electric bikes, people’s problems are decreasing, with electric bikes, electric cars, bikes, bus vehicles have come in the market, you can run electric bike with electric but you can also decide the way with the help of pedal. It can be done and it does not cost much.
  • Addmotor motan 750 W electric bike also comes with a good look and features, it is well designed, its design looks a bit like a bike, it has a seat to sit, the design of its frame has been unique.


  • Addmotor electric bike review has been given very well, with this its design has been made quite spectacular, it has a seat which is similar to the bike, the battery has been installed under the seat to make its design like a bike. At the front, there is a large round LED headlight and the frame is made from 6061 aluminum alloy.


  • Addmotor motan 750 W electric bike measures 70.8″ in length and has a wheelbase of 47.2″ with 48V, 16AH removable battery The battery can be fully charged in 6-7 hours battery life 800 charging The cycle is powered by 2.5 Amp. It is charged with a battery of 25 Amp. The controller is installed.
  • And to give power to it, it has a 48V, 750W motor, it has 20″ thick tires, kenda has 20” X 4.0” tires, its load capacity is 300 pounds, you can drive it even on the mountains. It is equipped with 7 speed gear, it has suspension in front and rear.
  • It has horn headlight, tail and 5″ LCD display. It is available in two colors black and white. It has an adshock steel fork at the front, its wheel is also made of aluminum alloy addmotor motan 750w electric bike top speed 23 m/h and range is 55 to 65 miles.

Addmotor Motan 750w Price

  • Addmotor motan 750 w electric bike costs $2,299 USD (170992.15 INR).

Addmotor Motan 750 W Electric Bike Specification

E-BikeAddmotor Motan 750W
Frame material7075 aluminum alloy
Kreb weight77 pounds
Load capacity300 pounds
ColorBlack and White
Price$2,299 USD (170992.15 INR)
Battery48 V, 16 AH removable battery
Charger2.5 Amp.
Charging time6 – 7 hours
Battery life800 charging cycle
Motor48 V, 750 W
Controller25 Amp.
Speed23 m/h
Range55 – 65 Miles
Overall length70.8″
Bottom bracket height10.8″
Stand over28.7″
Handlebar height49.2″
Handlebar length28.3″
Seat height32.2″
Tire20” X 4.0” Kenda
SuspensionYes (Front, Rear)
Gear7 Speed
Display5″ LCD display
ForkAdshock steel fork
Addmotor Motan 1000w

Addmotor Motan 1000w

  • Addmotor motan 1000w motor electric bike power is more than 750w motor, it has 48 V, 1000 W motor and battery is 48V, 17.5 AH Panasonic Lithium Ion battery, its battery can be recharged in 5 to 7 hours Can be fully charged.
  • It also has a 7 speed gear system, it also has a 5″ LCD display, it has a USB port, its tire size is 26″ × 4″ kenda tires are installed, its load capacity is 350 LBS and weight is about 74 LBS. It is available in two colors Orange and Black, its battery gives a range of 60 to 70 miles after full charge.
  • It also comes with headlight, horn, and gear system, its frame design is very good, its price is $ 2,899 USD.

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