Battery Swapping Electric Scooter
  • Batteries are required to run electric vehicles, but let us tell you that people are more like to buy electric vehicles, people will like EV because the price of petrol and diesel is increasing so fast, today we are going to talk. Going to battery swapping in EV, battery swapping means swapping batteries.
  • By giving a discharged battery, you can run your electric vehicle for a long time by taking a charging battery.

Battery Swapping Electric Scooter

  • Battery swapping is a battery station for EV, in which you can take a charging battery by giving a discharge battery and you can put it in your electric scooter, different electric vehicles have different battery stations.
  • Battery swapping has a battery station in which the discharged battery is charged, currently EV companies have different battery stations, just as Taiwan gogoro company is going to build a technology battery swapping station for its gogoro electric scooter In which gogoro can take the charging battery by putting the discharge battery in the electric scooter, in this all the work is done technically.
  • Gradually, the company with electric vehicles is setting up its new battery swapping stations, along with this all the companies are manufacturing their electric vehicles, the production and sale of electric vehicles is also happening fast, along with the companies also manufacturing battery swapping stations.
  • There is a cost to take the battery from the battery swapping station, which is decided by the company. Revolt battery stations of Revolt RV 400 electric motorbike are installed in many cities of India. It is said that to take advantage of the battery station, it is worth money per month. payment is made.

Gogoro Battery Swapping Station

  • Taiwanese company Gogoro is building its technical battery station for electric scooters, this battery technology will be started with two Chinese companies Yadea and DJC.
  • It is going to be manufactured on a large scale, it is being said that this technology will increase the sales of models in China and it is being said that the market of electric scooters is increasing in China DJC company Big company in the manufacture of electric scooters in China If gogoro battery swapping is successful in this task then there is going to be a big boom in EV vehicles.

Cost of Battery Swapping Station

  • EV manufacturer company is making new electric scooters and other electric vehicles and on the other hand battery swapping station is also being built.
  • It is said that it takes 1 lakh rupees to set up a battery swapping station but on the other hand it is said that the battery station also costs crores of INR.
  • But to get the battery station installed, it remains on the battery that which EV battery will be installed in the station, further if you install the battery station of the electric car, then it will cost more.

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