Nahak Motors Garuda Electric Bike Made In India, Features, Price

Garuda electric bike?

  • This electric bike Nahak motor is garuda electric bike Nahak motor is a Haryana based down the company, its research center is located in Faridabad, Noida.
  • Garuda is a standard look electric bike which comes with an Aerodynamic design, it can be run by boys and girls also.
  • Its frame size is 14.5″. The frame is made of alloy steel which is strong and its durability is also very good.

How much is the battery power and battery life of this electric bike?

  • Garuda electric bike battery is 36 V, 7.5 AH lithium-ion battery, if you want, you can also install 10.4 AH, 14.5 AH battery in it.
  • The battery life of the Garuda electric bike is 1000 charging bicycle.
  • 36 V, 2 Amp. to charge the battery. The charger comes, it fully charges the battery in 3-5 hours.
  • The replacement cost of 7.5 AH battery is ₹ 7670.
battery power 
Of Garuda
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What is the motor power and torque of this electric bike?

  • Garuda electric bike motor is 36 V, 250 W BLDC rear hub motor which generates 30 NM Torque.

What is the top speed and range of this electric bike?

  • The top speed of Garuda electric bike is 25 km/h.
  • Garuda electric bike has a range of 25-30 KM on throttle mode and 40-50 KM on pedal assist mode.

How are the tires and brakes of this electric bike?

  • The Garuda electric bike has a 2.35″ nylon tire.
  • The brakes of the Garuda electric bike are 160 mm dual mechanical disc brakes that come with an auto power cut-off system.
Brakes power 
Of Garuda
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What are the features of this electric bike?

  1. The Garuda electric bike gets 5 level pedal assist, which is controlled with the help of a controller, it has a 50 mm front suspension.
  2. This electric bike has a single-speed gear system, if you want, you can install Shimano’s 7-speed gear system, the cost of installing a 7-speed gear system is 2599 ₹.
  3. Its display is a digital display, its wheel size is 26“.
  4. Garuda electric bike weighs 25 kg and load capacity is 120 kg.
  5. Horn, headlight will not come in this electric bike, if you want to get it installed, then you will have to get it installed.
  6. If there is any problem after buying garuda electric bike, then the company gives you ON call service.

How long is its battery warranty?

  • The battery warranty of Garuda electric bike is 2 Years and the rest of the equipment has a warranty of one year.

What is the price of Garuda electric bike?

  • Garuda electric bike costs 31999 with 7.5 AH battery and 34499 ₹ with 10.4 AH battery and 37999 ₹ with 14.5 AH battery.

How is the LED display of Garuda electric bike ?

  1. The LED display of Garuda electric bike is multi function LED display.
  2. The Garuda electric bike has 5 level pedal assist, which is controlled by a controller, whose input can be seen on the multi-function LED display.
  3. In this and you can see parameters like battery status, travel distance, current speed, its LED display has many functions which makes this electric bike very attractive.
Garuda Electric Bike LCD display
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Frame size14.5″
Frame materialAlloy steel
Battery7.5 AH, 36 V
Battery life1000 charging bicycle
Battery Replacement Cost7670 ₹ (7.5 AH)
Charger36 V, 2 Amp.
Charging time3-5 hours
Motor36 V, 250 W
Torque30 NM
Top speed25 km/h
Throttle mode range25-30 KM
Pedal-assist mode range40-50 KM
E-bike Weight25 kg
Load capacity120 kg
Level5 level pedal assist
Wheel size26″
Tire2.35″ Nylon
Break160 mm dual mechanical disc break
Front suspension50 mm
Gearsingle speed gear system
Battery warrantytwo-year warranty
Price31999 ₹ (7.5 AH battery)

From where to book Garuda electric bike and how much will it cost?

The first phase of booking of Garuda electric bike has run from July 2 to July 11.

  • You can book this electric bike from the company’s website and contact 8448440922, +918895117272 mobile number and get more information and can also book.
  • To book Garuda electric bike, a token amount of ₹ 2,999 will have to be given, after paying the amount, your garuda electric bike will be booked .
  • For Pre-booking Visit this link – nahakmotors
  • The company has promised to deliver the electric bike booked in the month of July to the homes of the customers. Garuda electric bike is 100% made in India electric bike, whose performance is very good.
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