Nito Electric Scooter
  • Nowadays, the manufacture and sale of electric vehicles is going very well, many companies say that in the coming 5 to 6 years, people will get EV only, due to which the EV market will go up a lot, all the companies are slowly manufacturing EV. Even from electric cycles to buses, trucks and cars are also coming in electric versions, which do not cost much to run.

Nito Electric Scooter

  • Nito Bike from Italian has designed the Nito Electric Scooter, it will be a strong electric scooter which will run very well. This electric scooter is quite powerful which will be very popular among the customers.
  • Nito bikes have received German Design Awards in 2019 and Nito bikes have won 5 International Design Awards.
  • Nowadays the craze of electric vehicles is going on very fast. In the coming time, the graph of sales of electric vehicles is going to increase very fast, slowly people everywhere are preferring to buy EV, people are buying more in the cities.
  • The interesting thing is that towns and villages are also preferring to buy EV, but the good thing is that the graph of EV sales is increasing, if this graph reaches the top then the trend of petrol and diesel vehicles will end. We will go and we will get rid of pollution, you know how much pollution is spread in the cities, due to which people have to take impure oxygen, meanwhile Nito has also brought its electric scooter which will come with a very strong look.

Nito Electric Scooter Design

  • Nito electric scooter has been designed very well, its design is quite unique but the true thing is that the owner of the company is a designer, he studied in Venezuela and he went to Italy for further studies, studies and diploma in Italy After finishing he went to Japan for four years and the good thing was that he became the dean of the same school in which he studied.
  • Further told that he worked in that school for 12 years and also designed many branded cars there, along with the school he also designed for Tesla Motors in 2010.
  • It is being said that its design is going to be very unique, which will be liked by the customers, the owner of the company told that he is a designer, he started the company by combining designing and electric technology.

Nito Electric Scooter Features

  • Nito Electric Scooter has been given many features, it has a display which shows speed, range, mode and battery status and a front head light which makes it very bright, many more features have been given in it. But more features than this have not been revealed.

Nito Electric Scooter Speed ​​and Range

  • The speed of the Nito electric scooter is around 60-900 km/h and its range is also around 100 km, in which a powerful motor has been used, which will give it a good speed and range.

Nito electric scooter price

  • The price of the Nito electric scooter is quite high, its price is 4750 Euro (4.05 lakh) INR.

Nito Electric Scooter specification

  • The company says that the nito electric scooter will be very powerful, it has a strong motor, it has a 4KW motor and 72V, 30Ah battery.
  • Battery gets fully charged in 3-4 hours. The weight of nito electric scooter is 100 kg and it has a carrying capacity of 150 kg.
  • The specification of nito electric scooter has not come much but the company says that it will be very powerful and it has very good tires, thick tires have been used in it and wood has also been used in it, but customers have to choose. About 70 options have been given for the option, in which four body colors, two tire colors, four wood colors and three different seats have been given.
  • The company has 25 dealers across the country, the company’s major markets are Germany and Italy, and along with this, the company started from USA last year, the company’s EV is being sold more in America, people there are liking them.
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