Ola Electric Scooter EMI, Service, Warranty And Job
  • There has been some news about Ola electric scooter Ola has given accurate information on many things Ola Electric has launched its two electric scooters, which is in the process of reaching the people Ola S1 and S1 Pro Electric in two variants Today we will know in this article what is going to be the system of battery of these electric scooters, what is going to be the system of services, payment, subsidy and delivery.

Ola Application

  • Ola has launched its application on 8th September 2021, all the processes related to Ola electric scooter, from booking to delivery, all the work will be done through this application, you can also buy it through Ola application, you can also cancel it.
  • If you have booked Ola electric scooter and you have canceled before the start of delivery process of electric scooter then it will get canceled after that you will also get your money.

How Much Emi Will Ola S1 And S1 Pro Have?

  • Ola electric scooters ready for sale on EMI also Ola financial services company will process Ola electric scooter for sale on EMI has been typed with many banks hdfc, icici, yes bank, au small finance bank, bank Of Baroda, Axis Bank has partnered with all these banks to offer Ola Electric Scooter on EMI, starting from Rs 3000 for the S1 model and Rs 3200 on EMI for the S1 Pro.
  • Document Aadhar Card, Bank Card, Address Proof will be required and if you do not want to buy Ola Electric Scooter in the system of finance then advance payment of INR 20,000 will be made for S1 and INR 25,000 for S1 Pro as soon as payment is made. After receiving this, they will generate an invoice for you, so you can choose the scooter.

What Will be the Service of Ola Electric Scooter

  • Ola Electric Scooter can be booked sitting at home through the app itself, there is no need to be told how much free service will be available in it, full details have not come out yet, in this it has been told that you can book from its app itself and so on. Can you cancel Ola Electric Scooter.

What Will be its Warranty.

  • Ola electric scooters will have a warranty of 3 years or 40,000 km, whichever ends first, till then the scooter will have a warranty, run it for 3 years or 40,000 km, till this warranty will remain.
  • Ola Electric Scooter has given 3 years warranty on its battery, then if you take Ola Electric Scooter, then there will be 3 years battery warranty.


  • Whoever buys Ola electric scooter first, it will be delivered first, they have made a rule, which will process batch by batch, you will get to know how many deliveries your electric scooter is behind.

What Will be the Price After Subsidy of Ola S1 and S1 Pro

  • Ex-showroom price of Ola S1 and S1 Pro has been given, if you buy it then its on road price will increase.
State S1S1 Pro
Delhi 85,099 110,149
Gujarat 79,999 109,999
Maharashtra 94,999124,999
Rajasthan 89,968119,138
Orissa 94,999124,999
All other states 99,999129,999
  • Ola S1 and S1 Pro have state subsidy, many states have not given subsidy, Ola has given the ex-showroom price of its electric scooter after the central government subsidy, Central subsidy has also been added to these state subsidies.
  • To buy Ola S1 electric scooter Rs 6,564 will have to be insured from a third party if you insure then you will not get the electric scooter delivered Ola is charging 749 INR for helmet Ola is charging Rs 535 for registration and 1,888 For handling charges of Rs. Its on road price for Hyderabad is Rs.1,09,732.
  • To buy the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter, you will have to take third party insurance of Rs 6,785 and Rs 2,423 for registration, road tax and Rs 749 for helmet, after which its on road price for Hyderabad is Rs 1,39,956.

Ola Company Promises to Give Jobs to Women

  • Ola is ready to make a splash in the electric scooter markets, Ola company is now going to offer jobs to women Ola company is preparing future factories for women in Tamil Nadu and only women will operate this factory, for which the company will operate.
  • The company is hiring 10,000 women more than said that the company is taking an initiative to give better opportunities to women and make them financially strong. In which the only women automotive manufacturing unit will be Ola’s assembly line is completely automotive, they have also started training women.
  • Ola is also teaching women the work of maintenance and maintenance on the employee shop floor, along with this 3000 robots will also work to help women, if they talk about the contribution of women in the manufacturing center, then about 12% in India’s manufacturing center Women are working, apart from this, many big companies believe that if women are given equal opportunities as men in the labor force, then women’s contribution to India’s GDP can be up to 27%, although Ola is setting up 100% women-run factories in India.
  • Kirloskar Brothers is not the first company to run a factory for women in Coimbatore for the past decade and since 2014, Hindustan Unilever’s shop floor in Haridwar has been run by women only.
  • But the number of women in these companies is very less. Girls hostels as well as crches have to be made to keep their children, in such a situation, companies have extra posses, but according to a report, women are better present in the company than men, apart from this, women follow company rules better.
  • But still there is a lack of better role models for them in the manufacturing center, but it would be wrong to believe that women cannot compete with men in this sector, just they should get equal opportunities, so this move of Ola will create new opportunities for women. Roads can be opened.

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