Pure Etron+

Etron + electric bike

This electric bike is called pure energy Pvt. Ltd. The company has made. This electric bike is very good. This electric bike comes with sumano gear. It has 7 sumano gear. This is a great electric bike. Its tires are tubeless tires. It costs around 35000 ₹.

What are the features of ETRON + electric bike

  1. This electric bike has many great features that look quite good.
  2. It has horn, head light, digital display (LED screen), Sumano gear system, horn switch, head light switch and many cool features that make this electric bike attractive.

What are the features in digital display of ETRON + electric bike

  • Its digital display has many features such as the battery detects how much the battery is charged.
  • The digital display has kilometers on how much electric bike has lasted. At what speed is it moving.
  • The display has a button to turn the headlight on, so that you can turn the headlight on by pressing the button.

How to drive an ETRON + electric bike

  1. It has to be keyed to run, after keying, you can run it with accelerator. You can also run it with a paddle.
  2. Which is very easy to drive, this bike can be run by motor as well as paddle, so this electric bike will cover more distance.
  3. so that you can go farther. There is no problem in running it.
  4. Running it does not put much pressure on the body and you can run quite easily.
  5. In this, you can take as much as you want to the power of the battery, from one to five options in it.
  6. If you take one, then you have to put more pedals, if you take two to five, then pedals will have to work a lot.

What is the battery capacity of ETRON + electric bike

  • ETRON+ electric bike battery is made of 36V, 13AH, 500WH. Its battery is lithium ion.
  • After full charge of this battery the electric bike lasts for about 60 kilometers.
  • This battery is fully charged in about 4 hours, its battery capacity is quite good.

What is the maximum limit of ETRON + electric bike

  1. Once its battery is full charged, it can run for about 60 kilometers.
  2. If the motor is paddled along with the motor, then it can run for about 70 to 80 kilometers.

How ETRON+ Electric Bike Saves Time

  • ETRON + electric bike provides a good driving speed. This electric bike is much better than diesel, petrol and gas powered vehicles.
  • This cycle can save you time and you can reach your place on time. This cycle is very good for school going children.
  • There is a need for some vehicle for your daily life. If you buy this electric bike, then happiness will come in your life.
  • You can roam this electric bike anywhere in the morning and evening and keep your body fit and healthy.
  • For this it can be quite good for you. Can help you get your essentials on time.

What is the maximum speed of ETRON + electric bike

  • The maximum speed of this electric bike is 25 kilometers per hour. Its speed is not more than this.

ETRON+ electric bike can be run cone cone

  1. There are many advantages to driving this bicycle. Old people can also drive this electric bike.
  2. It has both accelerator and paddle. Energy is required to run with the paddle.
  3. This electric bike can make your trip awesome. Children can also play it.

What is the capacity of its motor

  • Its motor is 250W, 36V and BLDC hub motor.

How is its charger

  • Its charger fully charges the battery in 3 hours. This charger is 36V, 3Amp. Belongs to Its input AC 110V 240V 56 – 60 HZ and Its output is DC42 0V 3A.

What are the other features of Etron + electric bike

  1. LED lights in ETRON + electric bike help you to walk at night and horn is also installed. Which is placed in the handle on the left side.
  2. If you buy this electric bike, it can give you a lot of benefits.

How is the brake of this electric bike

  • The brakes of the Pure EV ETRON + electric bike are disc brakes which cause the electric bike to stop very quickly.
  • so that we are not at risk of getting an accident. Through which we remain safe.

On the back of Pure EV ETRON + electric bike, you can get the carrier installed so that you can carry the luggage anywhere behind it. If the delivery works, then this E bike is right

Basic details of Pure EV Etron + electric bike

Driving range 60 km / full charge
Motor power 250W, 36V
Motor type BLDC hub motor
Speed 25 km / h
Charging time 3 hours
Tyar type tubeless
Torque 42NM
Battery type lithium ion
Battery 36V, 13AH, 500WH
Frame 20 inch
Frame steel
Wheel 26 inch
Handle baar steel
Kerb weight 25 kg
Weight capacity 120 kg
Controller 36V, 7 – 49 Amp. Power

You can also run it with paddle assist. Which will make your cycle go a long way.

The ETRON + electric bike costs around 35000 ₹.

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