Royal Enfield Electric Bike in India

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  • Most of the companies are manufacturing electric vehicles. And ready to launch as well. In view of the rising prices of petrol, people are turning towards electric vehicles. People are also choosing electric bikes, scooters and cars
  • If you want to buy a Royal Enfield bike, then there is good news for you because the company is going to launch its electric bike in the coming days. In 2020, Vinod Dasari, CEO of Royal Enfield had confirmed that the company is planning to enter the electric motorcycle segment.

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Royal Enfield Electric Bike in India

  • The design and features of the royal Enfield electric bike are not yet known, but it could be similar to the Bullet model.
  • Royal Enfield electric bike will have a better battery and motor power. As you know, the power of Royal Enfield (Bullet) bike was more. The company will also use better power in the electric bike model. India Car News reports that the bike could use a battery pack ranging from 8 kWh to 10 kWh and will be mated to an electric motor. Going by the current trends in the electric two-wheeler market, the power and peak torque of the bikes are expected to be around 40 bhp and 100Nm.
  • The company will improve the speed and range of Royal Enfield electric bikes. The Royal Enfield electric bike can run 250 km on a single charge.
  • Royal Enfield electric bike will have many new features. The company will soon start manufacturing EVs for Royal Enfield electric bikes. The electric bike manufactured by Royal Enfield will be based on a new electric platform. Now it has to be seen that people like it more than Royal Enfield. He likes it less. The company is working very hard on this so that it can make a good jump in the EV markets.
  • The signature retro design elements of the 350 can be found in the royal enfield electric bike. But with a more upmarket approach that includes round-shaped LED headlamps, circular black turn signals, and a single-piece seat with exposed rear fenders. Which gives a bobber stance to compete.

When will the Royal Enfield Electric Bike in India be launched?

  • Royal Enfield electric bike can be launched in 2023. Research on the Royal Enfield electric bike continues into the company’s research in the UK. The process of this bike is expected to be completed soon.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Price in India

The company has not provided information about the price of the Royal Enfield electric bike. But it is being said that the cost of a royal Enfield electric bike can be around Rs 3,50,000.

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