KTM Electric Bike Review

  • Ktm brand company based in the USA. Which is told about the Ktm electric motorbike by Pierer Mobility. Ktm has been working on its E Duke electric motorbike for a long time now. Which will be based on E-Pilen bike.
  • Ktm has given this information on its website. It is being said that Ktm electric bikes are in the works to arrive in 2022. The Ktm E-Duke will be similar to the Husqvarna E pilen motorbike. But a slight change has been made in its design.

KTM E-Duke Electric Motorcycle

  • Information about the development of KTM E duke electric bike was revealed in 2021. The development of the E duke electric bike has been confirmed by Pierer Mobility. But may manufacture the bike at its new site in Akurdi, Maharashtra. The Indian bike maker has invested over Rs 300 crore for this facility. Not much information is known about it. Ktm’s E duke electric bike is coming.
  • The Ktm E duke electric bike will come with a battery pack of 5.5 Kw/h. Its battery will be fixed. The nominal power of the battery of the Ktm E duke electric bike will be 10 KW. Due to which the battery will provide energy to the motor.
  • The battery capacity of E pilen electric bike is 5.5 Kw/h. Its nominal power is 10 KW and its battery is fixed. Ktm will present the E Duke with the E pilen.
  • Powerful battery in Ktm E duke electric motor bike, provides energy to the motor. Due to which the ktm electric bike top speed is correct. But the company has not confirmed in terms of speed. It is being said that the Ktm E- Duke can give a range of up to 100 km on a full charge of the electric bike’s battery.
  • The KTM E- Duke electric motorbike will get suspension at the front and rear. It is being said that there could be disc brakes at the front and rear.
  • The front of the Ktm E duke electric bike will have headlight, indicator, horn. There will also be a display in which battery status, speedometer, tripmeter, odometer, and riding mode will be detect.
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KTM E-Duke Electric Bike Launch Date

  • In addition to the KTM E duke, the Freeride E LV has also been confirmed in development by Pierer Mobility. KTM is going to announce their launch date soon.
  • KTM has said that the E- duke electric bike is going to be better for the youth but on the other hand it appears to be a scrambler And it will be interesting to see when Pierer Mobility decides to bring the E- duke electric bike to the EV market and how it will perform in the market. But Pierer Mobility has not given any information about it yet.

KTM E -Duke Electric Bike Price in India

  • The price of Ktm electric bike in India is not yet known. After giving the launch date, the company will share the price of KTM, E Duke electric bike among the people. If you like E -duke electric bike then you have to wait.

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