Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter

Bajaj chetak electric scooter ?

  • Bajaj chetak is a powerful electric scooter, Bajaj company is going to launch it soon.
  • The Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter will be available for sale in Mysore, Mangalore, and Aurangabad.
  • Booking of this electric scooter has also started, some token amount will have to be given for booking.
  • Bajaj plans to launch this electric scooter in 24 major cities by 2022.
  • This electric scooter also has many great features. which makes this electric scooter quite attractive.
  • The build quality of this electric scooter is also very good.
  • Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter, Ola Electric Scooter is going to compete in the markets, now it remains to be seen which one will people like to buy more.The owner of Bajaj company is Rajiv Bajaj. who has taken over the position of his father?

What is the weight capacity of Bajaj chetak electric Scooter ?

  • Bajaj has not disclosed the weight capacity of Bajaj Chetak. But considering the capacity of such and other motorized electric scooters, its capacity should be between 120 kg – 150 kg.

When will the booking of this electric scooter start?

  1. Booking for Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter has started from 22nd July 2021, to book a token amount of ₹ 2,000.
  2. Bajaj first launched the Chetak in Nagpur, whose bookings started from 16 July 2021.

How long is the battery power and battery life of this electric scooter ?

  • The battery power of Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is 48 V, 60 AH battery, it cannot be removed, the life of this battery is up to 70,000 KM.
  • The charger of this electric scooter is 48 V, 15 Amp. It is a fast charger, it can charge 25% battery in 1 hour and full charge 100% battery in 4 hours.

What is the motor power of this electric scooter ?

  • The motor of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is a 4 KW electric rear hub motor that generates 5 HP power and 16.2 NM torque.

What is its top speed and range. ?

  • The top speed of Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is 70 km/h on sports mode and 50 km/h on eco mode.
  • The range of Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is 85 KM on sports mode and 95 KM on eco mode.

What are the features of this electric scooter ?

  1. Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter gets 12″ tubeless tires.
  2. It has front brake disc brake which is oil operated and rear brake is drum brake which is cable operated, it also has a system of regenrating breaking.
  3. Its display is a digital display, which shows odometer, tripmeter, clock, current speed, range.
  4. It has head light and indicator LED.
  5. It has a USB system from which you can charge your mobile.
  6. Boot space has been given under the seat in Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter, in which you can keep helmet and some of your belongings, its boot space has a small LED light so that you do not have trouble seeing at night.
  7. There is a battery charging socket on the back side of the seat, so that the battery can be charged, its charger is also kept on the front side.
  8. There is a great feature in this, it also has a reverse gear system, it can move backwards with the help of reverse gear system.
  9. Its body is of steel which is with IP 67 protection.

How much will this electric scooter cost ?

  • The price of Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will be around ₹ 1,44,000.


Battery48 V, 60 AH
Battery life70,000 KM
Charger48 V, 15 Amp.
Charging time25% 1 hour, 100% 4 hours
Motor4 KW rear hub motor
Motor hp power5 HP
Motor Torque16.2 NM
Eco mode speed50 km/h
Sports mode speed70 km/h
Eco mode range95 KM
Sports mode range85 KM
Tire12″ tubeless tire
Front brakeDisc brake oil operated
Rear brakeDrum brake cable operated
DisplayDigital display
USB mobile chargerYes
Front, rear suspensionYes
Reverse gear systemYes
Steel bodyIP 67 protection
Rated power3800 W
Maximum Power4080 W
Price – around1,44,000 ₹

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