Big dog extreme

Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  • Big Dog Extreme is a powerful electric bike made in the USA. Its speed, range, motor power, battery power, charger power is quite right. This folding electric bike is powerful fast comfortable.
  • This electric bike comes in the main colors Black and White. In which there is a lot of variation on the accent color including red silver, orange, and gold. This is Green Bike’s Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike.
  • Once you start pedaling it may take a second for the motor to kick in. It can sometimes take a second to stop once you have stopped pedaling.

What is the top speed of Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  • The top speed of this electric bike is 28 m/h (45 km/h).
  • Due to its high speed, it is more attractive among customers.
  • It feels super stable even at top speed which is very rare.

What is the range of Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  • The range of this electric bike is around 44-50 miles (70-80 KM).

What is the battery power of Big Dog Electric Bike

  1. The battery for this electric bike sells made by boston power USA.
  2. Which is 48 V, 15 AH (736 WH) of lithium ion.
  3. The weight of this battery is about 4 kg (9 IBS).
  4. This E-bike can last about 44-50 miles (70-80 KM) after fully charging the battery.
  5. By increasing the volt and ah power of this battery, its power increases, due to which it covers more distance.

How much is the battery charger power of Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  • The charger of its battery comes with a fast charger which comes with 3 Amp., 48 V, it gives full charge to the battery in 5-6 hours.

What is the motor power of Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  1. The motor power of this electric bike is 750 W.
  2. Which is 8 fun rear mounted geared hub 750 watt nominal – 1200 watt peak.

How to brake Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  1. The brakes of this electric bike are hydraulic disc brakes which come with 160mm rotor.
  2. For a stop Big Dog we’ve got hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear wheels with a 160mm rotor.
  3. These brakes are great and they provide more than enough stopping power, they’ve also got motor inhibitors built into the brake levers.
  4. Which automatically cuts off the power when the motors are depressed. This is a great safety feature and definitely something you would want on an e-bike.

What is so special about this electric bike

  • Big Dog extreme electric bike This is a bolder one with some attitude and honestly it’s just a great ride.
  • All around we have reviewed some electric bikes from Green Bikes and this company does an excellent job in picking and choosing.
  • The right ingredients and Big Dog Extreme is no exception. This folding electric bike is mighty fast compact and perhaps most importantly it is comfy.
  • It adds a level of customization and talk of customization. You can also upgrade the battery to 15 amps.
  • The Big Dog Xtreme gets a 750W geared hub motor with 80Nm of torque.
  • Big Dog Extreme isn’t exactly for climbing off-load hills, it’s amazingly powerful.

How to Remove the Battery of the Big Dog Extreme

  1. Its battery normally comes with a silver fish style battery.
  2. You have to remove the whole seat post first you can remove the battery.
  3. But there is a latch under the saddle on the Big Dog Extreme.
  4. This allows it to lean forward and that makes a difference.
  5. When it comes to removing the battery you know what really talk about this saddle because it is super dope.

The weight of this electric bike and how much weight it can bear

  • The weight of this electric bike is 61 IBS(27.5 kg).
  • Its frame is made of 6061 AL alloy and has an endurance of 300 IBS (136 kg).
  • The rear storage rack bolts directly to the frame for added strength.
  • It’s also a great little helper for tying up some pizza or maybe carrying a passenger or whatever else you need to carry.

How is the gear system of the Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  1. It has a Shimano Altus seven speed derailleur. Which is a nice upgrade point.
  2. It is paired with Shimano Sis Index thumb shifter. The steel derailleur cage features features that bring an extra layer of protection against strikes.

What are the features of Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike

  • The Mojo suspension has about 140mm of travel and do a good job of smoothing out small bumps.
  • Front light (LED), horn is good in this, it is very much needed in the night.
  • This green bike is the Big Dog Extreme Electric Bike.

What is the price of Big dog extreme electric bike

  1. The price of this electric bike is $1,999 USD.
  2. The price of this electric bike is  1,48304₹ in Indian rupees.


Framehigh step folding
Frame material6061 AL Alloy
Frame forkMozo USA suspension with 140 mm travel, hydraulic lockout
Front suspension140 mm
Seat post suspension27.2 mm
Brakes160vmm rotor, hydraulic disc brake
Cranks170 mm length, 28-33-42T
Motor8 fun rear-mounted geared hub 750-watt nominal – 1200 watt peak
Batterysells made by Boston power USA 48 V, 15 AH (736 WH) -Li-ion
Charger3 Amp., 48 V
Charging time5-6 hours
Display typeLCD – S900 E-bike intelligent display
Readoutsbattery level, speed, assist level, odometer, trip meter
Drive modescadence sensing pedal assist, thumb throttle
Gearing7 speed made by Shimano
StemAdjustable height
Saddlewide saddle
TiresInnova 20″×4.0″
Total weight61 IBS (27.5 kg)
Battery weight9 IBS (4 kg)
Weight capacity300 IBS (136 kg)
Speed28 M/H (45 Km/h)
Range44-50 mile (70-80 KM)
Price$1,999 USD (Indian rupees 1,48304₹)

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