E-BikeGo Rugged electric scooter

E-bikeGo Rugged Electric Scooter

  • The ebikeGo rugged electric scooter comes with two models G1 and G1+. Its price also varies. The G1 costs INR 79,999 and the G1+ costs INR 99,999. Its frame is made of steel and the chassis is cradle chassis. The ebikeGo weighs 120 kg.
  • ebikeGo rugged electric scooter has a top speed of 70 km/h and their range varies. The company claims that the range of G1 is 80 KM and the range of G1+ is 160 KM. It comes with two modes Eco and Power mode.
  • ebikeGo comes with two battery variants, G1 has a single battery and G1+ has a double battery, their battery is 1.9 KW / h and this battery can be full charged in 3.5 hours and the company claims that 3000 charging stations also will get. Its motor is 3 KW (3000 W).
  • The ebikeGo is a rugged electric scooter loaded with features. It comes with a slew of features. It also gets 4G connectivity system. It also gets headlight, LED indicator and GPS system and the ebikeGo has 12 in built smart sensor and it has adjustable shock absorber.
  • It has been given that navigation, location feature also comes in it. It has a wheel size of 14″. It has a ground clearance of 175mm and wheel base of 1350mm. The rugged app is used to connect the ebikeGo electric scooter to the mobile.
  • Chassis of ebikeGo gets 7 years warranty and battery, charger gets 3 years warranty.

Rugged Electric Scooter Booking

  • ebikeGo rugged electric scooter booking has started from 25th August 2021. ebikeGo can be booked by paying INR 499 which is refundable. After this, its delivery will be available by November 2021. The first delivery of ebikeGo rugged electric scooter will be in Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan.

Rugged Electric Scooter Official Website

  • You can book ebikeGo rugged electric scooter by paying 499 INR by visiting the official website of Rugged electric scooter www.Rugged.bike

Rugged Electric Scooter Price in India

  • The ebikeGo rugged electric scooter comes in two models, G1 and G1+. The price of G1 is INR 79,999 and the price of G1+ is INR 99,999. Their price is after Central Fame subsidy, their price will come down even after state subsidy.

EbikeGo Rugged Electric Scooter Specification

E-ScooterE-bike Go Rugged G1, G1+
Framesteel frame
Chassiscradle chassis
Kreb weight120 kg
Underseat storage30 L
ModeEco and power
Booking start25 August 2021
Booking charge499 INR
DeliveryNovember 2021
Official websitewww.Rugged.bike
Battery1.9 KW/h
Charging time3.5 hours
Motor3 KW (3000 W)
Top speed70 km/h
Range (G1+)160 KM
Range (G1)80 KM
Rugged appYes
Sensor12 inbuilt smart sensor
G1 price79,999 INR
G1+ price99,999 INR

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