Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike
  • Competition is going on among electric vehicle makers, electric vehicle companies are launching their electric vehicles, it is being said that the sale of electric vehicles is increasing. Electric bikes, scooters, e-rickshaw were earlier sold in cities but electric Bikes, scooters and e-rickshaws are now being sold in villages and towns as well, which means that the craze of electric vehicles is increasing among the people.
  • The company is also speeding up the manufacturing of electric vehicles because it can sell electric vehicles to all the people, the company has enlarged its factory so that it can manufacture more number of electric vehicles and can provide employment to many unemployed people in India The manufacture of electric vehicles is now increasing slowly, if electric vehicles are completely on the road, then you will feel very fresh in the environment because fuel vehicles are causing a lot of pollution in the environment.
  • There is a different type of electric bike in the EV markets, along with this, Komaki is also going to launch its ranger cruiser electric bike in the markets. Will be

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike

  • Komaki is about to launch the country’s first electric cruiser bike. The company had released its video on its official website and YouTube channel, we are going to give you some information about it today.

Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike Design

  • The company has said that the “Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike” is not only a motorbike but also the center of attraction and its look, balance is very good and the company also says that it is easy to ride the extra features in it. Enhances it further.

Komaki Cruiser Electric Bike Battery & Motor Is your company?

  • Komaki ranger cruiser electric bike is going to be a very good motorcycle as you know it is electric, so it has battery and motor power And it has a 5000 watt BLDC hub motor.

Komaki ranger cruiser electric bike Speed ​​and range ?

  • The company has told that the range of komaki ranger cruiser electric bike is 180 to 220 KM but it will be known only later that the company has not told about the speed but if we tell you then its estimated range is 150 KM. Might be possible.
  • How the rider rides the cruiser electric bike, how it is driving on the road, how many times the brake is applied because all these affect its range, if you drive it on a good road, it can give you a medium range then this rider But this company says that after charging its battery in one go, it will provide a range of 180 to 220 KM.
Komaki Ranger Electric Cruiser Bike

What are the features of Komaki ranger cruiser electric bike?

  • The Komaki ranger cruiser electric bike has been given many features which enhance its design, it has been given a digital instrument cluster, it has three headlights in its front, small lights have been given on both sides of its main headlight as well as indicators. Given that it is mostly made in chrome, tail light has also been given in its rear and indicators have been given on both sides.
  • Telescopic suspension has been given in its front, its seat is also well designed and the look of the seat looks quite premium, the company has told that it has many features that attract the rider.
  • Fake exhaust has also been given in it and disc brakes have been given in it, the cruiser electric bike has a utility box in which you can keep the goods according to the use, the company said that cruise control system has also been given in it.
  • The Komaki ranger cruiser electric bike also gets a reverse switch and is also provided with a Bluetooth connectivity system and may also get a self-repair switch.

komaki ranger electric cruiser price

  • The price of komaki ranger electric cruiser can be around INR 1,50,000 to 2,00,000.

komaki ranger electric cruiser specification


Ebike nameKomaki ranger cruiser electric motorbike
Expected Price1,50,000 to 2,00,000 INR


Battery72 V, 50 AH Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity3.6 Kw/h
Motor5000 W BLDC Hub Motor


Range180 to 220 KM/charge


Digital instrument clusterYes
Utility boxYes
Fake exhaustYes
Bluetooth connectivityYes
Self-repair switchYes
Cruise controlYes
Front suspensionTelescopic

F. A. Q ( Frequently asked question)

Q.1. What is the price of komaki ranger electric cruiser?

A. Its price can be INR 1,50,000 से 2,00,000.

Q.2. What is the range of komaki ranger electric cruiser?

A. Its range has been told by the company from 180 KM to 220 KM.

Q.3. How is the battery capacity and motor of komaki ranger electric cruiser?

A. Its battery is 72 V, 50 AH and capacity is 3.6 Kw/h, the motor is 5000 W BLDC hub motor.

Q.4. komaki ranger electric cruiser Is it India’s first cruiser bike?

A. It has been said that this is the country’s first cruiser electric bike.

Q.5. What are the features of komaki ranger electric cruiser?

A. It has cruise control, reverse system, utility box, Bluetooth connectivity and many other features.

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