Super 73 RX Price

Super 73 RX review

  • Super 73 RX electric bike is a powerful and technically good electric bike, it is a powerful electric bike made in the United Kingdom.
  • It is a super 73 RX street legal electric bike in terms of performance, which does not require license and registration.
  • Mobile connectivity system has also been given in this, it can connect iOS and Android mobiles through Super 73 application.
  • The frame of the super73 rx india is made of 6065/707 aluminum alloy which is lighter and harder than steel and does not rust.

Super73 RX Top Speed

  • Super 73 RX runs at 20 m/h in throttle mode (32.18 km/h) Super 73 RX travels at 32.18 km/h.

Super73 RX Range

  • The Super 73 RX offers a range of 40-45 miles (64.36 – 72.405 KM) on throttle mode and 75-85 miles (120.675 – 136.675 KM) using pedal assist mode.


  • The Super 73 RX gets inverted coil spring fork and rear piggyback coil over mono shock, which eliminates the problem of top-down.


  • RX electric bike has a powerful motor, it is a 2000 W brushless DC hub motor which is capable of producing maximum power.
  • Super 73 RX is powered by 900 WH battery which is the biggest battery in this segment.



  • Super 73 RX is equipped with Roxim Z4E high output 600 lumens LED head light Display Smart display with Bluetooth connectivity Transflactive monochromatic LCD display Allows riders to connect and control their bike with Super 73 application.
  • Uses the powerful tectro brake system in RX which has 4 piston forged aluminum cover and 203/180 mm rotor.

Super73 Rx Price in India

  • The super73-rx price in india INR 3,54,241 (£3,499.17).

Super 73 RX Specifications

Model nameRX
Brand nameSuper 73
TypeStreet legal electric bike
Frame6065/707 Aluminum alloy
Weight capacity325 pounds (147 kg)
Motor2000 W brushless DC hub motor
Battery900 WH
Only throttle mode20 m/h (32.18 km/h)
Throttle mode range40-45 miles (64.36 – 72.405 KM)
Eco mode range75-85 miles (120.675 – 136.675 KM)
Headlight600 Lumens LED headlight
Displaysmart LCD display
BrakePowerful 4 piston tectro brake 203/180 mm rotor
Price3,54,241 INR (£3,499.17)

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