Top 5 Fat Bicycle Under 15000

Fat tyre cycle under 15000 for adults | Best fat bicycle under 15000 | Fat bike under 15000 with gear

  • Electric bikes are also new in the markets, whose performance is good, the performance of electric bikes is better than petrol bikes. Buying electric vehicles is considered right but today we are going to talk about fat bicycles under 15,000.
  1. Make fat tire mountain sport bicycle
  2. Axan fat bicycle
  3. Eleven bigg boss fat tire bicycle
  4. Foxster fat tire bicycle
  5. Caya warrior fat tire bicycle

Fat Bicycle Under 15000

  • Fat tire bicycle tires are thick, so that this bicycle runs well, due to their thick tires, they are also called mountain fat tire bicycle, it is less than 15,000 fat bike with gear.

Make Fat Tire Mountain Sport Bicycle

Make fat tire mountain sport bicycle
  • The tires of this bicycle burst so that it can be driven on the mountain as well. The frame of this bicycle is made of carbon steel.
  • The wheel size of this bicycle is 26″, it has dual shock suspension, it also has a low weight and comes with a tool kit.
  • It comes with 21 Shimano gears and it comes with XL size. This is a very good fat tire bicycle which comes with around 15,000 INR price.

Axan Fat Bicycle

  • Axan tires are also fat, this bicycle comes with an 18″ frame, it is also a mountain bicycle, its wheel size is 26″ × 4″.
  • It has suspension at the front which protects the rider from jolts. It has dual disc brakes. It comes with 21 speed gear. It is available in two color black and orange. Its price ranges from 15,000 to 16,000 INR.

Eleven Bigg Boss Fat Tire Bicycle

Eleven bigg boss fat tire bicycle
  • This bicycle also comes with a fat tire, its performance is also very good, in this the design of handlebar, frame, mudguard has also been made well.
  • Wheel size is 26″ and suspension is at the front, it weighs less, its color is also very good, it is also available with gear, the same price is also around 15,000 INR.

Foxster Fat Tire Bicycle

Foxster fat tire bicycled
  • Foxster fat tire bicycle also comes with fat tire, the quality of this bicycle is also very good, which is known with its strong fat tire, its wheel size is 29″ and it comes with black color, it is also equipped with gear. There are less than 15,000 fat bikes with it.
  • The best thing is that it is made in India itself, but it is not a matter that the quality of US bicycle is not good, the quality of the bicycle is also good, it can be driven by children and adults too, its front and rear wheel. Disc brakes are fitted in.
  • Its frame is made of alloy which is available with low weight and costs around INR 15,000.

Caya Warrior Fat Tire Bicycle

Caya warrior fat tire bicycle
  • This bicycle also comes with a fat tire, it can be driven by children and adults too.
  • The wheel size of this fat tire bicycle is 26″, it has suspension in front, it is also available with gear which is quite positive point and its tire is 3″ wide tyre. This bicycle has triple walled alloy rim.
  • It is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, it has anti-skid pedals, so that your feet stay right while riding. Its frame has a graphical design which looks quite attractive, its price is around 12,000 to 15,000 INR.

F. A. Q. (Frequently Asked Question)

Q. 1. Can a fat tire bike be driven on off-road roads?

A. Fat tires can drive the bicycle on off-road roads because their tires are thick.

Q. 2. Is fat tire available with bicycle gear?

A. Yes Fat tire bicycle comes with gear, which increases its speed while giving pedal.

Q. 3. Are there disc brakes in Fat Tire Bicycle?

A. Disc brakes are installed in the front and rear of the Fat Tire Bicycle.

Q. 4. What suspension is there in a fat tire bicycle?

A. Fat tire bicycle has shock absorber suspension at the front.

Q. 5. What is the cost of all these Fat Tire Bicycles?

A. All these fat tire bikes cost under 15,000 INR.

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