Yatri Project Zero Price in Nepal | Yatri Electric Motorcycle: Features and Specs

  • New electric bikes, cars, and other vehicles are being launched in the EV market and are being built. Powerful electric vehicles have been launched in the market, which adopt very good speed and range, along with this, the passenger motorcycle has also made its two powerful electric vehicles. Motorcycles (Project Zero and Project One) have been launched, the price of both these electric motorcycles is also high but their speed and range are good yatri project zero price in Nepal is 19,49,000 NPR and project one price in Nepal is 4 ,95,000 is NPR.

Yatri Electric Motorcycle

  • Passenger Motorcycle is a Nepal-based startup, whose founder is Ashim Pandey, he prepared the prototype of Project Zero in Kathmandu in December 2019 last year, which he demonstrated there, in which he got a good response.
  • Passenger Motorcycles Two of its projects, Project One and Project Zero, have been designed very well, they are off-roading electric bikes which have good performance but Ashim Pandey also said that he is planning to launch his Project Zero in March 2020. But the P0 V3 electric motorcycle, which was postponed to the launch date due to coronavirus, was available from 23 April 2021.
  • The company has worked hard on both these projects, Ashim Pandey said that both these electric motorcycles are in the market with very strong quality. Can also drive on rough roads.

Yatri Project Zero and Project One Design

  • The design of Passenger Project Zero is quite unique, along with the design, its quality is also very strong, it has been designed in a very different way, its color also looks very premium, which is being liked by the customers, the design of Project One is also given quite unique. The cost of traveler project zero in Nepal is quite expensive.

Yatri Electric Motorcycle project zero features and specs

  • Passenger Project Zero is equipped with very good features, its body is made of carbon fiber and chassis is made of steel and it comes with 7″ full HD display.
  • It also has a GPS system, 4G connectivity system has also been given, many great features have been given in its display as well.
  • It is mated to Metzeler Sportec M7RR tire with aluminum rim, front tire size is 110/70-17 and rear tire size is 150/60-17 with disc brake, both tire is tubeless and has Brembo There is also an E braking system.
  • 43 mm RCP adjustable USD fork suspension at the front and monoshock suspension at the rear.
  • The Yatri electric motorcycle Project Zero has a seat height of 800 mm and a ground clearance of 175 mm and weighs 190 kg and comes in Silver colour.
  • P0’s battery is 8 Kwh Lithium In which gets fully charged in about 2 hours and its motor power is 64 KW and torque is 650 NM.
  • The P0 has a top speed of 140 km/h and a range of 230 km.



Brand Name Yatri Motorcycle
EV NameProject Zero
Ground Clearance175 mm
Seat Height800 mm
Kreb Weight190 Kg
Price19,49,000 NPR


Battery8 kWh Lithium-ion
Charging time2 Hours
Motor46 KW
Torque650 NM


Speed140 km/h
Range230 km


TireMetzeler sportec M7RR (Aluminium Rim), Tubeless
Front Tire Size110/70-17 (mm)
Rear Tire Size150/60-17 (mm)
Braking TypeBrembo E-braking


Front43 mm RCP adjustable USD
Yatri Project one
Image source: www.yatrimotorcycles.com

Yatri electric motorcycle project one features and specs

  • It also has very good features, it is a dual sports electric motorcycle and it is a stylish bike, for its good performance, its body is made of carbon fiber and it has LED lights.
  • It has a 4.3″ TFT LCD display with USD in front and monoshock suspension at the rear and is fitted with thick tyres.
  • It has dual purpose tubeless tyres, its front tire size is 110/70-17 and rear tire size is 120/80-17, it has standard braking system, its ground clearance is 270mm, it weighs 110 kg. Its color is also silver.
  • P1 is powered by a 3 Kwh Lithium In battery, which gets fully charged in about 3 hours, with a 14 KW motor whose torque is 430 NM.
  • The speed of the P1 is 100 km / h and its range is 110 km.



Brand NameYatri Motorcycle
EV NameProject One
Ground Clearance270 mm
Kreb Weight110 Kg
Price4,95,000 NPR


Battery3 kWh Lithium-ion
Charging time3 Hours
Motor14 KW
Torque430 NM


Speed100 km/h
Range110 KM


TireDual Purpose Tubeless tire
Front Tire Size110/70-17 (mm)
Rear Tire Size120/80-17 (mm)


FrontUSD Fork

Yatri Project Zero Price in Nepal

  • Yatri Project Zero is a very expensive motorcycle which costs NPR 19,49,000 in Nepal which will be INR 12,18,242.

Yatri Project one Price in Nepal

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