Gradeability of Electric Vehicle

What is Gradeability of electric vehicle?

  • Gradeability is the ability of any vehicle to climb uphill and also have speed.
  • If your vehicle has 100% gradeability, then it will climb even 45° easily, if you stop your vehicle in the middle then it will climb again easily.

Gradeability equation?

  • P = 100 [ Fz/9.81×Gz – Fr]
  • P = Gradeability in %
  • Gz = Over all combined mass in kg
  • Fr = coefficient of rolling resistance, see table 1

Different paths have different Coefficient Fr.

Table 1:-

Road SurfaceCoefficient Fr
Good asphalt road0.007
Wet asphalt road 0.015
Good concrete road0.008
Rough concrete road0.011
Block paving0.017
Poor road0.032
Dirt track0.15 – 0.94
Loose sand0.15 – 0.30
  • Fz = Traction Force in N – Calculated in accordance with tire traction force equation and calculator.

Fz calculations

  • IG = Transmission ratio
  • IA = Driven axle ratio
  • IV = Transfer case ratio
  • Mmot = Engine torque, in NM
  • U = Tire rolling circumference, in M
  • n = Overall efficiency in the drive train see table 2

Table 2:-

One driven axle0.95
Two driven axle0.90
Three driven axle0.85
Four driven axlel0.80

What is the Gradeability Formula ?

  • Gradeability formula :- 100 × [Tf/gravity×GVW – R.R coefficient]

Gradeability of Electric Scooter ?

  • Different electric scooters have different gradeability, the maximum gradeability is 100%, which allows the vehicle to climb up to 45°.
Gradeability Percentage Gradeability Degree

How to test the gradeability of electric vehicle ?

  • To test the gradeability of your vehicle, you have to drive the vehicle on high roads, check the vehicle by driving on 45° paths if your vehicle is capable of running on 45° roads. If you can check it by driving on roads with less degree than this, then the gradeability of that vehicle will be 100%.
  • In many vehicles, a separate gear is given for gradeability, special load gear comes for the hard section, due to which the vehicle climbs easily.

How Gradeability Percentage is Calculated?

  • This formula is used to calculate the gradeability percentage. Degree = Tan-1 (Grade – 100)

Best Gradeability Scooter:- OLA Electric Scooter

Ather 450x Electric Scooter 

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  1. which electric scooter in india has the highest gradeability ?
    I found ather 450x has 18 degree
    ampere 13
    tvs iqube has 10
    ola 12
    is this true. is ather the best in this regard? this is very important for me because in the front road of my house there is a very steep incline.

  2. See Gopakumar Pandarikkal ji cannot say this. What is the gradability of the highest electric bike in India? But the information given by the company is mostly correct. If you want to buy an electric scooter with better gradeability, then you can check by driving an electric scooter.

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