Odysse Evoqis
Odysse Evoqis
Odysse Evoqis

At the point when we discuss electric bikes, we generally envision bikes. Last year, one cruiser came to the front and everybody has been valuing its useability. This year, while being lean, has given us one more bike from the beginning up. It is the new Odysse Evoqis. Articulated as “Ee-woke”, made in Ahmedabad and utilizing a larger part of neighbourhood parts, the Evoqis is for Rs 1.5 lakh, ex-display area and on the off chance that you haven’t seen it as of now, it is just completely faired electric bicycle accessible at the present time. It is being sold out of 11 display areas right now across India, with a vendor network that is extending as we type this. How great is it or worth the cash? We enjoyed four days with the bicycle to get you every one of the responses.

Odysse Evoqis is an electric commuter bicycle accessible at a beginning cost of Rs. 1,60,998 in India. It is accessible in just 1 variation and 5 tones. Odysse Evoqis creates 3000 W power from its engine. Odysse Evoqis concocts both front and back circle brakes.

The Odysse Evoqis is a completely faired electric cruiser from the bike brand. The cruiser is professed to advance from 0-50kmph in 4.2 seconds while the maximum velocity is appraised at 80kmph. Helped trekking mode can be utilized to choose from two degrees of speed. The stacking limit is evaluated at 170kg. The company guarantees a scope of over 100km per charge. The battery can be completely re-energized in five hours.

The electric cruiser is worked around a compound edge and it rides on adjustable front forks and a back mono-shock. The slowing down arrangement on the Evoqis incorporates twin rotors at the front and a solitary plate at the back. It rides on 17-inch compound wheels that are enveloped by tubeless tires.

The full-fairing plan and clasp on style handlebar upgrades its lively persona. The bike is outfitted with highlights like a twin-unit fog light, fairing incorporated front turn pointers, and split-style seats. The Evoqis comes outfitted with full-LED lighting, an enemy of burglary lock, keyless section, and music framework. The seat level is evaluated at 750mm which ought to make it open in any event, for more limited riders.

The electric bike is accessible in a solitary variation and four tones – Fire Red, Lime Green, Magna Silver, and Candy Blue.


Odysse Evoqis
Odysse Evoqis
Body Type  Electric Bikes
Body Graphics  Yes
Starting  Remote Start,Push Button Start
Seat Type  Split
Display  Yes
Speedometer  Digital
Trip Meter  Digital
Charging Point  Yes
Clock  Yes
Low Battery Indicator  Yes
Anti Theft Alarm  Yes


Torque (motor)  64 Nm
Continuous Power  4300 W
Fuel Type  Electric


Brakes Front  Disc
Brakes Rear  Disc

Performance and Fuel economy

Top Speed  80 kmph

Tyres and Wheels

Tyre Size  Front :-110/70-17, Rear :- 140/70-17
Wheel Size  Front :-431.8 mm,Rear :-431.8 mm
Tyre Type  Tubeless
Wheels Type (Pressed Steel/ Alloy)  Alloy


Seat height  750 mm
Load carrying capacity  170 kg
Length*Width*Height  2060*740*1150 mm3
Length  2060 mm
Wheelbase  1410 mm
Height  1150 mm
Ground Clearance  170 mm
Width  740 mm
Total Weight  150 kg
Tail Light  LED


Battery Type  Lithium-Ion
Additional Features  Drive Modes – City | Parking | Sports | Reverse, Motor cut-off switch
Motor Power  3000
Battery Capacity  4.32 kWh
Charging Time  6 Hours
Turn Signal Lamp  LED

Odysse Evoqis Design

It is very alluring and looks way greater than its size proposes. We won’t fault you assuming your contemplations run on the lines that this bicycle looks roused by specific Japanese supersports. You get LED projector headlamps, LED DRLs, a sharp-looking fairing, semi-computerized instrument console and the standard switches. The semi-advanced instrument console shows the battery charge, speed, one outing meter, odometer and the turn markers. There are additionally 17-inch combination wheels at the two finishes shod with Ceat Zoom XL tires. One will likewise see the inconsequential stickers on the bicycle that will persuade you to think that this is a reasonable BMW EV – it isn’t.

Powertrain of Odysse Evoqis, range, charging time

The Odysse Evoqis flaunts a 3000W electric engine. It is upheld by a 4.32kWh Li-particle battery pack that is fixed where you will ordinarily anticipate that the motor should be. The pinnacle power yield is 6hp while the force is 64Nm. Odysse claims a scope of 150km on a solitary charge as ensured by CIRT. The last option is an administration supported body that can guarantee vehicles and extra parts. The CIRT abbreviation extends to Central Institute of Road Transport. Odysse claims that a charge from 0-100 percent requires as long as six hours. The company gives a 15W charger the bicycle. There are three riding modes and these are Drive, Sports and Reverse. An extra Parking mode is given also. These modes are simple and are situated on the left handlebar grasp. It takes some becoming acclimated to with the activity. Presently assuming you inadvertently put the bicycle into converse or park mode while riding, the bicycle doesn’t stop and Odysse has designed it well to guarantee that these sorts of changes happen just when you are stopped securely. Sports in a hurry gives a recognizable lift and it stays on not at all like other e-bikes that we encountered.

The speed increase is straight and keeping in mind that the engine is from Bosch, different parts are obtained from different nations. In spite of what we have encountered before on other e-bikes, there is no suddeness to the speed increase which guarantees that everybody is comfortable riding this one. During our tests, we ended up crossing 65kmph easily, post which we saw 78kmph on the speedo after at some point. Odysse claims a 0-50kmph season of 4.2 seconds. Our test time reflects 5s. All things considered, it is sensibly quick and you can likewise oversee surpasses absent any preparation. The best experience is in Sports mode wherein you can have the greatest jab and a higher maximum velocity. In the event that the battery is completely energized, the Drive mode will take you to 74kmph though captivating the Sports mode as of now will prompt a lift by 5kmph.

Weaknesses of Odysse Evoqis powertrain

The real charging time could surpass six hours.

At the point when you brake for a turn or traffic light, the power naturally cuts off however at that point when you need a touch of speed increase then the power doesn’t return right away. This could land you with a touch of ponderousness wherein in a u-turn, you will be more slow than others. The answer for this, as we found out, is to utilize a greater amount of the front brake and less of the back. With a bicycle that looks this great, the maximum velocity might have been 100kmph. In addition, the genuine charging time could surpass six hrs yet Odysse guarantees us that this is being taken up with the battery provider. The charging line is scarcely two meters long and except if you live on the ground floor or have another arrangement, charging the bicycle will be an issue. A swappable battery could be consolidated yet Odysse says that the unit is excessively weighty to be conveyed without any problem.

There is a regular gas tank coordinated into the plan yet at this point it isn’t valuable.

A quick charging choice is being worked whereupon will guarantee that an opportunity to charge is under four hours. The initial 50% will get charged in under an hour with the quick charger.

Guarantee and administration

There is a three years guarantee on the battery and one year for the bicycle. Adjusting is taken consideration wherein the main booked arrangement is at a half year, then nine and 12. The brake cushions will in all likelihood be checked and changed. There will likewise be a battery examination, wash (never under any circumstance splash water straightforwardly on the battery compartment in an electric vehicle) as well as broad checks. That is the magnificence of an electric powertrain. There is low upkeep. Odysse right currently has in excess of 10 showrooms in the nation and the number is fundamentally set to grow before long. These vendors likewise have a help place behind the display area. You can track down subtleties of new showrooms on the Odysse site.

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