Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle Range, Launch Date & Look

Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle Range, Launch Date & Look

  • The British Electric two-wheeler company has announced the prototype of its first electric motorcycle. The name of the electric motorbike is Triumph TE-1. Whose design and power are going to be much better.
  • The company has been engaged in work on Triumph TE-1 since 2019. The company has said that the motorbike has gone through three phases. In the fourth phase, road testing and intensive track testing of TE-1 will be done.
  • Project TE-1 is funded by the UK Government’s Office for Zero-Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

Triumph Electric Motorcycle TE-1 Prototype

  • The company has revealed the prototype design of Triumph Electric Motorcycle TE-1. The design of this electric motorbike is going to be quite attractive. A separate company has been working in its design for a long time.
  • The twin-pod headlights at the front give the TE-1 a very attractive look. And also it has been given a single-side swingarm, which makes it look premium. It is going to come in the EV markets with a stylish look.
  • Triumph TE-1 type packs a 15 Kw/h battery. The battery can be charged to 80% in 20 minutes with a 360 V system. Its powertrain will have a power generation capacity of 500 Kw (670 HP). Its motor will produce 130 Kw (174 HP) of power. It has been told that the weight of the motor will be 10 Kg. Its state-of-the-art motor is contributed by the E Drive division of Integral Powertrain, Ltd.
  • The company has not yet full disclosed about the speed and range of Triumph TE-1. After the completion of its fourth phase, the company will provide information about speed and range. But this much we can say that Triumph TE-1 top speed is going to be much better. Which people will like very much. But it is being told that the Triumph TE-1 range can be 90 miles (145 KM) to 125 miles (200 KM).
  • Instrument display has also been developed in the Triumph TE-1 motorbike. Which will include battery status, speedometer, odometer, tripmeter and many other features. It will have a riding mode so that you can drive the TE-1 at low and high speed.
  • The Triumph TE-1 electric motorcycle will get headlight, taillight and indicators. There will be more great features in it but the company has not yet revealed the full details.

Four leading UK industry players for Triumph TE-1 project.

  • Four leading UK industry companies have been working hard for a long time to develop the motorcycle for the Triumph TE-1 project. In which the first company Triumph Motorcycles second Williams Advanced Engineering third Integral Powertrain Limited’s e Drive division fourth WMG Warmick University.

What is Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorcycle Launch Date?

  • The third phase of the Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike is complete. But the fourth phase of TE-1 has not happened. All its testing will be done in the fourth phase. After that something will be revealed. On the other hand, it is being said that the fourth phase will be completed in 2022. After this the Triumph TE-1 release date could be 2023.

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What is the Price of Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorbike?

  • It is being told that the triumph te 1 price is going to be higher. It can be revealed after the completion of its work on behalf of the company and after the release date. The estimated Triumph TE-1 price (20108.85 $) could be INR 15,00,000 Lakh.

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Triumph TE-1 Electric Motorbike Specification

E-BikeTriumph TE -1 Electric Motorbike
Estimated Price(20108.85 $) 15,00,000 Lakh INR
Expected Launch DateJan. 2023
Battery15 Kw/h
Charging Time20 min. 80% charge
Motor130 kW (174 HP) power output
Range90 Miles (145 KM) to 125 Miles (200 KM)
Battery StatusYes

F. A. Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Q. How much will the Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike cost?

Ans. The estimated price of Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike (20108.85 $) can be INR 15,00,000 Lakh.

Q. What is the launch of Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike?

Ans. The Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike has an estimated launch date of 2023.

Q. How long is the production of Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike going on?

Ans. The production of this electric motorbike is going on since mid-2019. Now its third phase has been completed. After the fourth phase, it will be ready for launch.

Q. What is the battery power of Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike?

Ans. The battery of this electric motorbike will be 15 Kw/h. Which will be able to charge 80% battery in 20 minutes from 360 V system.

Q. What will be the speed and range of Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike?

Ans. Triumph TE-1 electric motorbike speed will be much better. And its range can be from 90 miles (145 KM) to 125 miles (200 KM).

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