TVS iQube Electric Scooter
TVS iQube Electric Scooter

The TVS iQube electric scooter has refreshed in 2022, and it presently gets expanded range, new varieties, and more highlights in the higher variations. The 2022 TVS iQube electric scooter is as of now presented at a bargain in two variations, the norm and iQube S, with the S variation getting a greater instrument console with additional highlights and more variety choices. The standard variation passes up certain elements yet gets more reach than previously, yet at the same time gets more reach with a greater battery pack.
The TVS iQube electric scooter offers a customary plan, yet it actually offers quite possibly of the most balanced electric bike that anyone could hope to find on special at the present time.

Over quite a while back, we previously rode the TVS iQube at TVS Motor Company‘s Hosur fabricating office test track, in a controlled climate. Presently with more reach, we get our hands on the base variation of the new iQube and ride it in ordinary circumstances, in the city, and over a wrecked streets to check whether it makes for a commonsense thought to go electric, as a substitution for a regular petroleum fueled bike.

Design and Features

The TVS iQube has forever been a very much fabricated and all around planned bike. The plan is ordinary, not so forceful as a portion of the flow harvest of other electric bikes, however that is not something terrible. It’s proportional, looks perfect and the general plan is snappy, without being beyond preposterous. Look carefully, what dazzles is the form quality, with magnificent put-togetherness. The fold over lights along the front cover, and the tail segment, loan a smidgen of innovation, to an in any case “safe” plan.

The TVS iQube is a very much planned and very much constructed electric bike. The plan may not be exceptionally ‘cutting edge’ or revolutionary, yet it’s a protected and regular plan, which will engage a more extensive crowd.

Lights are full LED, and incorporate a LED position light, twin LED headlights, LED turn markers, as well as a LED taillamp which flawlessly folds over the tail segment bodywork. The 5-inch instrument console on the standard variation is equivalent to previously, and offers an extensive rundown of highlights, including cell phone network, through TVS Motor Company’s SmartXonnect framework. Through the committed portable application, you can get to a not insignificant rundown of convenient highlights, including turn-by-turn route, geo-fencing, ride investigation, approaching call cautions side stand sign, battery level and low battery sign, distance to purge, as well as park help and opposite help.

The 2022 TVS iQube standard variation actually gets the current 5-inch instrument console. The higher variations, S and ST get a greater screen with additional elements and custom topic and variety choices.

The standard iQube is presently accessible in three tones, Pearl White, Shining Red and Titanium Gray. Tragically, we actually get the Pearl White on our test bicycle. For those looking for a hint of young popularity in their iQube, the S variation offers the decision of four brilliant shades, including Mint Blue, Lucid Yellow and Copper Bronze Glossy.
This higher variations, the iQube S and iQube ST get more variety choices.

The impending top-spec ST variation will offer the decision of four additional tones, remembering two for matte completion. Anything that the decision of variety, the iQube unquestionably appears to be one of the absolute best electric bikes discounted at the present time, with regards to construct quality, as well as fit and finish. The plan may not be as invigorating to numerous more youthful clients, but rather it’s something which will engage a more extensive crowd, of various socioeconomic.

Greatest guaranteed range in Eco mode is 100 km on a solitary charge, and during our test, which included joined utilization of both Eco and Power modes, the iQube returned sufficient reach as asserted.

Battery and Range

The iQube currently accompanies a 3.04 kWh, 52V, IP67-evaluated lithium-particle battery with expanded range. Asserted range in Economy mode is 100 km, while in Power mode range drops to 75 km. The battery packs, the battery the executives framework (BMS), and the regulator have been created in-house by TVS, and the iQube can be charged from 0 to 80 percent in around 4.5 hours with the 650 W charger which should be bought alongside the bike.

For ordinary use, the iQube with 100 km range feels like enough for little city runabouts, yet the absence of quick charging and a devoted public charging network is a setback.

The higher variations have more highlights, and the top-spec iQube ST, which is yet to be sent off, highlights the most extreme scope of 140 km on a solitary charge. The iQube ST likewise gets the choice of a 950 W charger which can be utilized to charge the bike in close to 4 hours, while a 1500 W charger can juice up the ST in 0 to 80 percent in 2.5 hours.

The battery is IP67 evaluated, and TVS says the iQube has been tried over a scope of various landscape, to cause it to perform easily. The iQube likewise accompanies an extraordinary engineering which can detach low and high voltage frameworks to diminish potential possibilities of short out, something which will guarantee clients careful about going electric.

The iQube’s center mounted electric engine offers greatest speed of 80 kmph. Speed increase is lively and enough for regular use inside the city.


Every step of the way, it becomes obvious that the iQube won’t dishearten with regards to ordinary driving prerequisites. There’s sufficient punch from the center mounted engine with top power result of 4.4 kW and guaranteed speed increase from 0 to 40 kmph is in 4.2 seconds; nothing blisteringly quick, yet enough to stay informed concerning the customary two-wheeled driving group, and, surprisingly, better some of them.
The TVS iQube has a wide footboard, and an agreeable seat. Ride quality is all around arranged, and dealing with is very sharp and exact.

Rated/Peak Power3 kW/4.4 kW
Rated/Peak Torque33 Nm/140 Nm
BatteryLithium ion – 3.04 kWh
RangeEco – 100 km/Sport – 75 km
Top Speed78 kmph
0-40 kmph4.2 seconds
0-80 % Charging Time4 hours 30 minutes (650 watt charger)

Guaranteed most extreme speed is 78 kmph, yet during our test ride, the instrument console showed us a maximum velocity of 83 kmph once. On a normal 79 kmph is accomplished easily in Power mode. In the event that you’re the sort of individual who might want to utilize it periodically on void streets for between city drives, you’d likely miss a smidgen more top-end punch. In any case, by and large, for ordinary riding in the city, the iQube has enough and more execution truly for anybody’s necessities.

The TVS iQube has an expansive footboard and a wide and agreeable seat. Awesome ride quality and sharp dealing with supplements the form quality.

Ride and Handling

Yet, what stands apart for the iQube is the manner in which it handles, and its ride quality. It has an expansive footboard, it has a wide and agreeable seat, the suspension is very much planted, so you can ride over any sort of surfaces that you might experience in your regular riding. The iQube runs of 12-inch wheels, and accompany adjustable front forks, a 220 mm front plate brake and twin back shocks. Ride quality is extravagant, and on the off chance that it’s solace one is searching for, the iQube doesn’t dishearten.

Televisions Motor Company’s ability in motorsports and awesome case configuration is clear in the TVS iQube’s dealing with. The tires offer generally excellent grasp, in any event, when tossed around a corner at speed, and under hard slowing down.

Much over terrible streets, the ride quality doesn’t disappoint; there’s no shaking from the body boards, nor is there a feeling of the bike losing poise. What’s more, when you show a corner to the iQube, TVS Motor Company’s mastery and involvement with excellent undercarriage configuration surely appears. The iQube stays planted and consistently in charge, and the tires offer heavenly hold in any event, when hung over

Variants and Price

TVS iqube electric scooter variants
TVS iqube electric scooter variants
TVS iQube StandardRs. 99,130Rs. 9,450Rs. 1,08,580
TVS iQube SRs. 1,09,256Rs. 9,450Rs. 1,18,706

In Delhi, the standard variation is valued at under Rs. 1 lakh, yet you should buy the charger independently. For pretty much 10,000 more, you get more variety choices, a greater 7-inch instrument console with additional elements on the iQube S variation. What might be the variation to pay special attention to is the forthcoming TVS iQube ST, with guaranteed scope of 140 km.


The TVS iQube electric scooter surely establishes major areas of strength. During our test ride, the reach functioned as guaranteed, with a joined utilization of both Eco Power it actually accomplished sufficient range for ordinary use. With next to no quick charging organization, we rode the iQube more than one day for more than 60 km in the city.

With 100 km range, the TVS iQube offers greater common sense, yet needs quick charging and committed public charging organization.

By the day’s end, the distance to exhaust actually showed 32 km left, and that is with a consolidated utilization of both Eco and Power modes. All things considered, in the flow plan of things, the iQube absolutely is one of the absolute most ideal electric bikes that anyone could hope to find discounted at the present time, potentially even one of the main 5 electric bikes that you can pick.

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