REVOLT RV 1 Electric Bike

REVOLT RV 1 Electric bike 2022

  • Revolt RV 1 electric bike to be launched soon in India The revolt rv 1 motorbike is a variant of the revolt rv 300. Anjali Ratan, promoter of Ratan India Enterprises Ltd. said that RV 1 is going to come into production soon. Two electric bikes of Revolt Motors based in Gurugram RV 300, RV 400 are already in the market but Revolt Motors will make its RV 1 electric bike. Will be launched in January 2022.
  • The upcoming electric bike of Revolt Motors will be 100% made in India, the company said some time ago that the RV 1 electric motorbike will be completely “MAKE IN INDIA”. The parts will start being made in India itself. The company used to buy parts from China but this is not going to happen now, the electric bike will be launched in January 2022 and Ratan said that the company is growing a lot, so the company had to stop booking many times in the last two months. Or it is claimed that it will set a target of making five lakh bikes annually in the next five years.
  • Revolt RV 1 electric bike is a form of RV 300, rv 300 was not sold for a long time, the price of RV 300 was high but there was not much difference in the price of RV400 and RV300, so people like to buy RV400, so the company The RV1 electric motorbike is about to be launched in the market soon.
  • Ratanindia Enterprises Business Chairman Anjali Ratan said that it will eventually eliminate the RV300 model, instead it will introduce a new model RV1 which will be completely made in India and it will be a new model from RV300 and will be launched in April 2021 for Rs 150 crores. acquired 43% stake in Revolt Motors in 2008 and its production will start soon.

Revolt RV 1 Specifications

  • Revolt RV1 is going to have a removable battery and will have a hub motor which is going to increase its speed and range, it will have a led headlight in the front and it has many great features but the company has not yet come out with its details but one thing It is that the speed and range of RC1 will also be quite correct, RV1 can also be connected to the mobile, so that the battery status will be known, although the battery status will also be known in the display.

Revolt RV 1 Price in India

  • The Revolt RV1 will be priced at INR 75,000 – 80,000 INR. It will cost less than the RV300 but it is going to be a very good electric motorbike.

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