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When did REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE launch

1. REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE is launched on 7 August 2019.

2. This bike belongs to India.

3. The REVOLT RV400 bike is a full electric bike in India using the Bureau of Artificial Intelligence.

4. The starting price of this bike is about 1.30 lakh rupees.

How do tires and brakes of REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE

 1. The front and rear tires of this bike are tubeless tires, its LE wheel is 17 inches.

2. It has a 250 mm disc brake which is oil operated, which makes the brakes feel very good.

3. The rear brakes of this bike are also oil operated disc brakes which are 240 mm and its rear tires also have tube equipped tires.

4. Its LE wheel is also 17 inches. It has a system of REGENRATE.

How is the light on this bike

1. This bike has forward light, projector head light, LEDs light. Which lights up a considerable distance.

2. It has day time running light all around which looks quite spectacular.

 The front light (head light) of this bike has a thin layer-like light around it, it is called Day Time Running Light.

3. REVOLT has been sold over LED lights. REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE has all the light LEDs.

What features are included in the handle of this bike

What is in the handle on the left

1. Let friends now take information about its handle.

2. REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE has a left hand switch, a light up and down switch, a left and right indicator switch.

3. The horn of this bike is also on the left side. There is also a mobile charger on the left side.

What is on the right side handle

1. REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE has an on off switch to start.

2. There are also accelerators and shifts which can reduce or increase the speed of the bike.

3. The speed of 40 to 43 in the first shift is from 43 to 62 in the second shift and 62 to 105 in the third shift.

4. This bike has a special feature which is very good, this feature is of engine noise.

5. There are four types of noise buttons whose buttons are placed on the right side of the handle.

6. Pressing these noise buttons gives four different types of sound from the engine which sounds very good. These features can also be changed.

What are the features of digital display of REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE

1. There is a speed meter on the right side of the digital display.

2. This bike is running on which shift, it also comes on the right side on the display.

3. To the left of the display comes the Treepo Meter, Kilometer and Battery States depending on how much the battery is charged.

4. To increase the brightness of the display in this bike, there is a button on the display and it is pressed.


1. To start this bike, there is a switch on the right side of the handle and it is pressed.

2. When you park the bike on the side stand then your bike will not start. The side stand is removed to start.

What is the capacity of motor of REVOLT RV 400 electric bike

1. Its motor is mounted below which is 3 KW which is water-proof and its peak output is 6 KW.

What is the feature of remote key of REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE

1. The remote key of this bike has many features.

2. It has a button to unlock and the start button of the bike.

3. It also has a location button which lets you know where the bike is parked.

Does Revolt rv400 Need License?

  • License to drive Revolt RV 400 electric bike is required to drive electric two wheeler then license is required if the speed of two wheeler is more than 25 km/h, that’s why license to drive revolt rv 400 electric bike is needed.

Where are the tools, medical kits and batteries of REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE

1. The tools and medical kit of this bike is kept in a place in front of the seat, locked in it and you can also place the mobile in this place.

2. Tools and medical kit are kept, there is a big space under it, its battery is kept in it, this battery is made in China.

3. it is 72 V, 45Amp. And it is 3.24 KWH. The battery weighs 21.5 kg.

4. After full charging the battery can run for about 150 kilometers on ECO MODE, 100 kilometers on NORMAL MODE and 80 kilometers on SPORTS MODE.

How long does the REVOLT RV400 ELECTRIC BIKE battery charger charge the battery?

1. The battery charger of this bike is 80 V, 11Amp. Belongs to

2. This charger fully charges the battery of the bike in 4.5 hours.

3. By which the bike can run for about 156 kilometers.

Frequently asked questions by people

What are the safety features of Revolt RV400.

  • REMOTE KEY of this bike has many features like a lock and unlock button, a button to start the bike, there is also a button of location.
  • By which you know where the bike is parked.
  • There is also a feature in this electric motorbike that no thief can take your electric motorbike.
  • If you want to protect your bike from being stolen, then you have to first lock the bike, then lock it with the remote key, then your electric motorbike can be saved from theft.
  • If someone steals your electric motorbike, then this electric bike will get jammed after walking a short distance, its rear-wheel gets brakes so that it does not go forward.

Which company has made the Revolt RV400 electric motorbike.

  • As you know Revolt is a brand which has launched many electric motorbikes.
  • Revolt RV400, Revolt RV300.
  • Revolt RV400 has been launched by Revolt, its founder is Rahul Sharma, it has been made by Revolt company of Manesar.
  • First, this electric motorbike was launched in Delhi, four big dealer network was created in Delhi and then it was launched in Pune.

What are the disadvantages of Revolt RV400 motorbike.

  1. On applying the brakes in this electric motorbike, its motor stops working, if you apply even a slight brake in it, then the motor starts shutting down. But the brake is removed and then it goes back on.
  2. In Revolt RV400, when you race, it moves forward immediately, as if you race, it does not run in that way, it moves with jerks on increasing the race in the beginning.
  3. There is a sound in its belt which seems very useless, its sound speaker also starts having problems in 2-3 months.

Can I charge Revolt RV400 battery with solar invetor system.

  • Revolt RV400 battery can be charged from solar system as you know.
  • Its battery is 3.24 KWH, to charge its battery, there should be a 3.5 KW solar system. When you can charge its battery.

How many kilowatts is the motor of Revolt RV400.

  • The motor of Revolt RV400 is of 3 KW and its torque is 170 NM.

Is a license required to operate the Revolt RV400.

  1. License is required to operate the Revolt RV400 Electric motorbike, if you do not have a license then you cannot drive it.
  2. If your age is 18 years or more then you should get a license, if you have a license then you can run it.
  3. If the speed of any vehicle is 35 km / h, then a license is required to drive it.

Where will you get Revolt RV400.

  • Friends, as you know this electric motorbike was launched in Delhi, this electric motorbike is now available in big cities.
  • This electric motorbike is available in the states up to Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nagpur, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, and many other big cities.

What is the speed of Revolt RV400 and how long does it take to reach 0-60km/h.

  1. Revolt RV400 electric motorbike has three modes first, second, third
  2. There is a speed of 43 km / h in the first mode, 60 km / h in the second mode and 80 km / h in the third mode.
  3. It takes about a minute for the Revolt RV400 to reach the speed of 0-60 km/h.

How to get rid of belt noise on Revolt RV400 electric motorbike.

  • To turn off the sound of the belt of Revolt RV400, you have to go to the Revolt showroom and get the belt replaced.
  • Move the front belt of the Revolt RV400 forward and backward, this will reduce the belt noise to a great extent.
  • One of the reasons for the sound coming from the belt of Revolt RV400 is soil, when you run it, the belt gets soiled, due to which the sound keeps coming from the belt.

How to set the trip meter of Revolt RV400.

  1. To set the trip meter of the Revolt RV400 electric motorbike, you have given a switch on the top left side of the handle, it has to be turned up and down three times.
  2. On doing up-down three times, you can set any of its meters, if the meter has to be zero, then the same switch has to be up-down six times.

What are the documents required to buy Revolt RV400?

  • To buy Revolt RV400, you need two passport size photos, aadhar card, a pan card, six-month bank account record, 1-year ITR.

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