Ultraviolette F77 electric bike?

  • This electric motor bike is an Ultraviolette F77 Electric Motor Bike from the Ultraviolette automotive company.
  • Narayan Subramanian and Niraj Rajmohan are the administrators of Ultraviolette Automotive Company.
  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike is the first electric motor bike of this company, it is a sports naked bike whose performance is very good, its look and design look very nice, attractive.
  • Many digital features have been given in this and the facility of mobile connectivity has also been given in it.
  • Its battery is of very strong quality but you cannot charge it at home i.e. you cannot take out the battery.

What is the motor capacity of this motor bike ?

  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike is powered by 2.5 KW (2500 W) permanent magnet AC motor with torque 90/450 NM.

What is the battery capacity of this Electric motor bike ?

  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike battery is 4.2 KWH, 48 V (87.5 AH, 48 V).
  • This battery gets fully charged up to 0-100% in 4.5 – 5 hours. The charging point has been set for charging, you cannot charge this battery at home, this battery is AC (Alternating current) and DC (Direct) current) can be charged from both.
  • To charge the battery with DC, the company will provide you a charger of 3 KW and for charging with AC, the company will also provide the charger.

What is the top speed and range of this electric motor bike ?

  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike has a top speed of 145 – 150 km/h. This electric motor bike catches 0 – 60 km/h in 2.9 seconds and in 7.2 seconds
  • Captures a speed of 0 – 100 km/h.
  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike has a range of 130 – 150 kilometers.

How are the tires and brakes of this electric bike?

  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike has Tubeless tire size front tire size is 110/70 – R17 and rear tire size is 150/60 – R17.
  • Front wheel size of this electric motor bike is 431.8 mm and rear wheel size is also 431.8 mm. Its wheel type is alloy.
  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike has both rear and front disc brakes, the diameter of the front brake is 320 mm and the diameter of the rear brake is 230 mm.

What are the features of this electric bike?

  • Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike has TFT LCD display in which speedometer, odometer, battery status, tripmeter, clock, riding modes, mobile connectivity, etc. can be detected.
  • It has a fast charger as well as a charging point, LED tail light, LED head light, navigation.

How much will it cost in tax and insurance after taking this electric motor bike ?

  • After taking Ultraviolette F77 electric motor bike, 7% Tex will be charged, Tex money will be deposited on the basis of bike price.
  • It does not cost any money for registration, that is, its registration is free, it costs 300 ₹ for its number plate.
  • It takes 1500 ₹ per month to insure it i.e. 7500 ₹ for 5 year insurance.

What is the price of Ultraviolette F77 electric bike In India ?

  • The price of this electric motor bike is INR 2,85000 but with 5% GST, its price will be around INR 3,00,000.


Battery4.2 kWh, 48 V (87.5 AH, 48 V)
Charging time4.5 – 5 hours
Motor2.5 KW (2500 W) AC motor
Torque90 NM/450 NM (motor)
Kreb weight158 kg
Top speed145 km/h – 150 km/h
Range130 KM – 150 KM
Front, rear breakDISC
Front tire size110/70 – R17
Front brake diameter320 mm
Rear tire size150/60 – R17
Rear brake diameter230 mm
Tire TypeTubeless
Front Wheel size431.8 mm
Rear-wheel size431.8 mm
Wheel TypeAlloy
Charging pointYes
Fast chargingYes
Riding modesYes
Mobile connectivityBluetooth
DisplayTFT LCD
Speedometer, odometer, trip meterDigital
Cooling systemAir cooling
Drive typeChain Drive
StartPush-button start
Passenger footrestYes
Head, TaillightLED
Turn single lampLED
Chassissteel trellis with aluminum bulkhead
Saddle height800 mm
Wheelbase1340 mm
Price3,00,000 INR
Additional featuresAndroid smartphone app, BLS4 automated battery control system, battery locking, E-sim fall, and crash sensor, emergency contact alert.

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